Spring Festivals for Kids & Families Around Houston

Spring in Houston is all about going to the Rodeo, eating crawfish, listening to music, and spending time outside enjoying the weather before the temperatures start to rise. There are many beautiful parks in the Bayou City to enjoy in the Spring, including the new and improved Levy Park, which kids of all ages are sure to love. This is also the perfect time of year to explore Houston's bountiful Farmers' Markets. For even more fun, check out one (or more - or all!) of these family-friendly festivals.

New York at Its Core: Explore NYC's Past and Future with Kids

Atop museum mile in East Harlem, the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) is a treasured, often less crowded destination for parents in the know. Best for grade school kids and up, the MCNY explores the rich history—and celebrates the vibrant future—that makes this city so great. Plus, kids under 19 are admitted free, making the museum's suggested admission for adults a complete deal. My daughters and I recently checked out its newest and biggest exhibit, New York at Its Core: 400 Years of NYC History, and came away with a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the city we call home.

Purim Festivals and Carnivals around LA

Not too sure what Purim is? Imagine something between Hebrew Halloween and Middle Eastern Mardi Gras, and you'll more or less have it. Jewish families know Purim as a time of uncharacteristically raucous rabbinical revelry, marked by costumes, noisemakers, interactive storytelling, triangular pastries, and enough drink (for the grown-ups) to muddy the lines between good and evil. Gentile families generally don't know it at all. But Purim is worth knowing. Its story has all the best elements: a party-hearty king, a beautiful and courageous queen, a resourceful good guy, and a bad guy so hateful that everyone drowns out his name with noisemakers at carnivals all over town. Check out one of the events below for classic Purim carnival activities, costume parades, and boisterous retellings of the Purim story.

And if you know of a celebration we've missed, please let us know!

Science & Technology Camps for Philadelphia Area Kids

The importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is becoming more and more apparent in our children's lives. Technology is everywhere, and STEM fields provide some of the most in-demand career opportunities. Plus, kids can learn to design video games, build LEGO robots, or even dissect a squid! How cool is that? 

Fun and engaging summer camp programs in science and technology are plentiful in the Philadelphia area. All this is sure to make summer science anything but boring.

Visit the Mommy Poppins Camp Directory for even more great summer program options.

Weekday Picks: Nature, Fireside, and Bald Eagles, March 6-10

With milder temperatures in store this week it's sure to be an optimum time to get out and about with the kids. Some highlights include stargazing at Yale, fireside stories in Mystic, and enjoying nature in Litchfield. And don't miss the Mommy Poppins virtual scavenger hunt!

To keep tabs on all the fun across Connecticut, check our frequently updated Events Calendar and our March GoList for all of our faves. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

10 Tips for Taking Kids to an Art Gallery

Are you one of those parents who avoids taking kids to art galleries ... because you are sure your kid will punch a hole in the Renoir? I feel ya! But you don't have to give up on culture for the cause of parenting! Kids not only love to make art -- they love to be inspired by it! And research proves it: exploring art is good for kids, yo! So take heart. With a bit of planning, I've found art shows and galleries to be one of our go-to outings, even on (gasp!) a sunny day! 

Not sure which art gallery in Fairfield County to try first? Start with the kid-friendly Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield or the awesome local works in CityLights Gallery in Bridgeport. Be sure to find out which days are free to enter first!

Summer Camp Open Houses and Tours at LA Day Camps

The approach of spring, for many parents, is also the beginning of the season of worrying about how to survive summer vacation. Picking the right summer camp can be overwhelming, especially if your little ones will spend a big chunk of their summer there. Our Camp Guide is a great place to start gathering ideas, and we recommend searching the listings in our camp directory, too. But what can really help narrow down the field is checking out camps in person. That's where open houses come in. They offer a fun way to get information about activities, see how your kids take to the environment, and talk in person with camp directors to see whether you've found a good fit.  

Below is a list of open houses offered over the next several weeks; these are great opportunities to talk to the people who might be spending the day with your kids. Click on a camp name to get more information about the camp's programs.

Enjoying the Houston Rodeo Cook-off With Kids

Rodeo is a big deal in the Bayou City. The two-and-a-half weeks of livestock and horse shows, competitions, concerts and more give Houstonians a chance to dust off their boots, put on their plaid and enjoy some good old-fashioned cowboy and cowgirl fun. And it all is kicked off with one of my favorite events, the Rodeo Cook-off! The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday prior to the start of rodeo are filled with food, food, and more barbecue sauce-covered food. More than 250 cooking teams come together during these three days in tents outside of rodeo to cook their barbecue specialties, all leading up to the final judging where a Grand Champion is crowned. 

NJ Kids Get Aerial at Indoor Trampoline and Bounce Houses

Jumping and flipping at one of New Jersey's many indoor trampoline parks or bounce houses is a fun way to keep energetic kids busy. Whether you are planning a birthday party, looking for a rainy day activity, or just burning off energy, springy trampolines and inflatable bouncers are sure winners. 

Find more active fun in our Guide to NJ Kids' Sports Centers, Gyms, and Fun Zones.

The Best Long Island Brunch Spots for Kids and Families

Brunch isn't just for adults anymore. There are plenty of hot spots across Long Island where kids can indulge in delicious pancakes, fluffy eggs, and menus designed just for them.

From highchairs to kid-friendly cups to crayons at the table, these 12 brunch destinations are designed to keep children happy while serving up some Instagram-worthy meals. And did we mention they're delicious, too?

Also while you're at it, why not check out our favorite Long Island spots to enjoy tea with your little one.


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