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Find Spring Inside a Giant Dome

indooractivities.jpgAs part of a promotion for their allergy medicine, a pharmaceutical company is putting up a giant geodesic dome in Central Park. Inside the dome they promise to provide...Spring. Flowers and grass and warmth. It sounds rather nice.

Magic Brunch with Ragidy Supreme



This weekend we went to a birthday party that I feel completely comfortable saying had the best children's magician I have ever seen perform. Ragidy Supreme does a show that is completely enthralling to kids and absolutely a hoot for adults. Magician, comedian, kook.

Battery Park City - One Stop Shopping for Indoor Fun

If you need an indoor destination to spend a long, cold or rainy day that won't tire you out just thinking about it, head to Battery Park City.

The Battery Park Movie Theater is never crowded, always clean and has the benefit of some child friendly restaurants near by, like Shake Shack

Sci Fi Art Show Makes Art Monstrously Cool


Can't imagine ever convincing your kids to step foot inside an art gallery? Well, think again. Art can be cool if it's the Sci Fi Art Show at MF Gallery on the Lower East Side. Let your kids eyeball the aliens, robots, and monsters in this fun exhibit and broaden their horizons of what art can and should be.And how cool would the above work of art be in a child's bedroom or nursery?

Whip Up Blog's Month of Crafts for Kids


I discovered Whip Up recently while trolling the interwebs looking for cool things. One of the things I like about this site is it is not so overly-precious as some of the craft sites are and projects tend to be easy and doable even for the novice crafter. The full name is Whip Up, handcraft in a hectic world.

That makes it a great site for families anytime, but this month they are especially focusing on crafts for kids with a Month of Crafts for Kids. They've already posted a bunch of fun stuff like these worry dolls and these winter glove puppets.

New: Blue Marble Ice Cream in Boerum Hill



One of the NYC sites I love to read is NewYorkology. Amy is the one who reminds me to post about things like the Vintage Buses and Trains. Now she's added a sweets columnist to keep her readers abreast of all things sweet and tasty in New York. Um...yum.

Nichelle Stephens, who normally writes for Cupcakes Take the Cake with my friend Rachel, wrote up a new ice cream joint in Boerum Hill called Blue Marble. Blue Marble Ice Cream is organic and made from grass-fed cows from the Hudson Valley. It sounds yummy and the store has wi-fi and a small play area for kids. Who said it was hard to be a locavore!

The Skyscraper Museum

We have hundreds of great articles in our archives and we'll be plucking out the best to share every week, but you can also search our archives using the search feature in the upper right corner of the page or click on some of the category links in the left sidebar.

indooractivities.jpgHere's a different activity. Ever been to The Skyscraper Museum

It's a mad, mad world with 7 circuses in town

moscowkitties.jpgNew York City can get pretty crazy during the Holidays, but, in fact, with seven circuses in town, New York has never been more of a circus than it is now. Hailing from Moscow, Harlem, French Canada, China and good old fashioned New York, in typical New York style even the circuses can teach children about different cultures. Perhaps this holiday break you'll take your children on a trip around the world NYC circus style.

The Apollo Big Show Circus Only through December 23rd, this Harlem circus stars hip-hop acrobats, African dancers and drummers, double-Dutch jump-ropers, trapeze artists and Rappin’ Granny.

New Shanghai Circus at the New Victory Theater through Jan. 6. Chinese acrobats, aerialists and athletes perform astounding acts in the tradition dating back to the harvest festivals of 2,000 years ago performed in with gloriously modern choreography, music and lights.


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