Family Dance Party: A NYC Kindie Band Playlist for Kids

There's no doubt about it: The kindie band movement is thriving in New York City. Although I make it a point to expose my son to kid-friendly “grown-up” music, I also have a soft spot for kindie bands—even hopping on the bandwagon and heading Putumayo Kids and producing Kindiefest, Brooklyn’s Family Music Conference.

For those of you new to the kindie music scene—or well-versed but looking for some variety—I've pulled together a curated list of my top picks for NYC-based artists available for streaming on both Pandora and Spotify. Of course, these artists reflect the multicultural city that New York is and draw on their many diverse backgrounds, producing bilingual and global tunes.

Got a little music fan? Find upcoming NYC kindie band concerts, including these artists below, in our Event Calendar, or check out these parent and me baby music classes. The big kids might consider music camp, too!

Baby Sleep Boxes Offered to Every NJ Parent for Free in 2017

Expecting a baby in 2017? If you're in New Jersey, you'll have the opportunity to receive a FREE Baby Box that can serve as mini crib for the newborn months and comes stocked with infant supplies, such as diaper and wipe samples.

The boxes, created by Baby Box Co., are modeled after the same ones provided by the Finnish government for decades to new moms and aimed at tackling SIDs, or SUID, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, aka, every parent's worst nightmare. The sturdy cardboard box is considered a safe sleeping environment and has earned the seal of approval from ASTM, CPSC, Health Canada and EN for safe infant sleeping spaces. It can also be kept close by, which makes things easier on parents but also further encourages healthy habits, from breastfeeding to bonding. Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and the boxes, along with the prenatal counseling that comes with them, are credited with its successful rating.

Indoor Play Spots for NYC Toddlers with Weekend Hours

Indoor play spots are essential for NYC families with young children (and limited square feet) as temperatures begin a steady decline into winter.

Unfortunately, so many of the city's indoor play spots are limited to weekday hours. That's great for caregivers Monday through Friday, but mom and dad are left out in the cold, scrambling to fill up those chilly fall, rainy spring or snowy winter weekends with their preschoolers in other ways. Luckily, we've uncovered nearly two dozen fantastic play spaces that get it, and are keeping weekend, drop-in play hours for kids, no membership required. All include playthings sized just right for the little ones, including for babies in many instances. They are stroller-friendly and equipped with changing stations, making them no-fuss options for the toddler squad.

Boston Kids' Activities That Fit Working Parents' Schedules

Music, art, swimming, dance, playgroups: When you're the parent of a young child, the opportunities to introduce your son or daughter to new experiences and friends can seem limitless. But if you're a working parent, the last thing you want to do is cram your already packed calendar with classes that happen at inconvenient times. Luckily, Boston is home to many stellar programs that are particularly accommodating to working parents' schedules. Here are some of our favorites.

February GoList: The Best Things to do with Long Island Kids this Month

It’s easy to overlook poor, little February. Blink and you might miss all 28 days.

On Long Island, however, we can pack plenty of fun into those four weeks. All we need is equal parts imagination and preparation.

With that in mind, we offer you our top picks for family entertainment during the month. We start with a Lunar New Year jubilee and a Super Bowl party and continue with Valentine’s Day and even some winter break suggestions. In between, you might want to catch a train show, or even go on a nature hike (yes, we have some outdoor fun planned).

Either way, celebrate the last full month of winter with our help. And don’t forget to check out our Long Island Events Calendar for even more exciting family options as they develop throughout the month.

Indoor Play Spaces for Babies & Toddlers Around Houston

All moms of toddlers can probably agree that their mini humans are full of an overwhelming amount of extra energy. It's incredible to me (and, quite frankly, exhausting) to see just how fast my own toddler can run circles around the house no matter what time of a day it is. For this reason, we have a running list of favorite outdoor parks, playgrounds and splash pads to head to when his energy levels are at an all-time high and we need to get out of the house. But on those days when the weather isn't cooperating or we just need a change of scenery, we've started compiling a list of indoor play spaces that serve the same purpose. As an added bonus, many of these places also have areas for babies to "play" and learn, which is the perfect combination for my almost 3-year-old and almost 3-month-old.

Weekend Fun for Houston Kids: Lunar New Year, Super Bowl LIVE, Jan 28-29

This weekend you will surely find many ways to experience the Year of the Rooster with Lunar New Year celebrations all over town. And even though Valentine's Day isn't for a few more weeks, there's no reason you and your significant other shouldn't schedule a date night now - and we've prepared a list of places with parent's night out childcare options for you to book one this weekend.

If you are a new mom or you are just looking to make new friends around your area, we have a great list of ways to meet other moms in Houston. And if your kiddo's birthday is coming up, check out our ideas for awesome science-themed birthday parties for your little ones to have beakers of fun! 

Check out our event calendar for citywide happenings every day, and our January GoList will help you plan a full month of fun with the best events around Houston. Did you know you can also submit your own events? And lastly, subscribe to our weekly newsletter to read about fun things to do each weekend in Houston. Here's the event lineup for this weekend:

10 Ways To Meet Other Moms in Houston

Being a mom and a friend can sometimes feel like mutually exclusive concepts, from navigating around naptimes to finding a babysitter (make sure to check out these parent's night out options). It can be helpful to have some mom friends who understand what you are going through, but it is also challenging - you have to put yourself out there and be willing to talk to new people before setting up that first (play) date (perhaps at one of these museums, restaurants or indoor playspaces). Here are 10 ways to meet other moms in the Bayou City, so get out there! Your new mom clique could be just one library story time away.

Parent's Night Out Childcare Options in Houston

As parents, we all need a break from being "on" from time to time even if it's just for a few hours. Whether it's dinner with your spouse, a night out with friends, or a few hours where you just shed the role of "parent" and enjoy some alone time, we need those nights off duty. But what happens when you can't find a sitter? You take the kids to a local Parent's Night Out! Many churches, gyms, and other businesses have dedicated evenings - usually on Friday or Saturday - for parents to come drop their kids off for a few hours in a safe, supervised setting. The kids get to play games and do crafts with other kids, and you get a few hours off; it's a win-win situation for everyone. To make scheduling your next "adults only" night easy, we've rounded up Parent's Night Out offerings across the Houston area - and even a Parent's Day Out so you can enjoy the random day date, too. 


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