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New York City Kids Weekend Events January 30-31: Free Screenings & Swim Lessons, Haiti Relief Concerts, Winter Fun and More

With winter break still a few weeks away, and cold, wind and snow in the forecast, you and the family might be looking for a cure for those mid-winter blues. (And since City Bakery's Hot Chocolate festival doesn't start until Monday, we've got plenty to keep the blues away until then.) This weekend you can take the kids to special for-families Haiti Relief Benefit Concerts, go on a marine watch, learn how to swim or the secrets of snow globes, plus catch a free screening of Charlotte's Web, ice skate with the King of Pop and enjoy some free winter festivals and ethnic concerts.

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New Extreme Sleepovers at Ripley's Believe it or Not! Odditorium Museum

Have you ever wondered what is actually in the Ripleys Believe It or Not! Odditorium? We've walked by it so many times and written it off as a tourist attraction (with the price tag to match), but we recently heard they are starting "Extreme Sleepovers" and thought we'd check it out. I didn't expect to care much for it, but found the experience surprisingly interesting. Find out more about this zany museum and it's special events:

TADA! Youth Theater's B.O.T.C.H. is Bang On

If your little New Yorker already thinks they've seen it all, you might consider hustling them down to TADA! Youth Theater's production of B.O.T.C.H. The musical follows seven wayward subway riders into the tunnels beneath New York, where they stumble onto several curiosities even life-long top dwellers couldn't lay claim to.

Five Great Cafes for You and Your Kid in New York City

With the cold and wet days we've been having, nothing sounds more appealing than hanging out in a cool cafe and there's no reason that you can't do some cafe chill time even with kids in tow. Just ask Rebeca Ramirez-Haskell who has been keeping a blog called The Coffee Beaners where she records her explorations, with son Diego, of the best coffee shops in NYC. Rebeca has chosen some of her favorite places to share with us.

Affordable Fun Family Concerts at Carnegie Hall

A number of years ago when I first heard that Carnegie Hall was giving concerts for kids I envisioned Rachmaninoff for the Romper Room set—hoity toity music for portrait-perfect Little Lord Fauntleroys and Diminutive Debutantes-in-Training who could sit ever so quietly (while not rustling all that taffeta). Yawnsville to me, so I was ecstatic to be proved wrong. Nothing of the stuffy sort, Carnegie Hall's Family Concert Series' ambience is fairly laid back, (jeans fine, tiaras optional), and tickets are affordable.

Deals: Free iPhone Apps for Kids, Kids Clothing Sales, 50% off Big Apple Circus, More

If you are an email subscriber, you may already have heard about the Shoofly sale on now at their Tribeca store for 50% off kids shoes, hats and accessories, but I've come across a bunch more too. Read on to find out how to save 50% on the Big Apple Circus, get a healthy and yummy breakfast for $1, free iPhone apps for kids, and some more baby/children's clothing store sales:

Free Winter Demo Classes and Open Houses

As the weather turns cold and the playground is no longer an option, classes seem like a great way to schedule some fun time indoors. You can check out our Classes Guide here for lots of ideas, but in the meantime you may want to try and sample some classes and see what you like. We've rounded up trial and demo classes from lots of programs all over the city. Plus, remember that many places will let you try any class for free once. Just call and ask.

Seal Watching in New York

It is way more exciting to see animals in the wild than it is to see them at the zoo. And even here in New York City we are able to glimpse some animals in their natural habitat– and I don’t mean rats, squirrels or pigeons, either. Each fall hundreds of harbor seals start their annual journey from Maine for a warmer climate, traveling south until they reach the temperate waters surrounding Long Island.

Surrealism for Small Fry: MAN RAY at the Jewish Museum and Other Art Tips

Surrealism and kids have a lot in common—stream of consciousness, mischief, dream-reality confusion, lack of inhibitions, non-sequiturs—yes, kids are just as random as surrealist painters. In short, kids tend to find Surrealist Art to be pretty swell, the weirder the better.   

And there is plenty for kids to enjoy at the family friendly Man Ray retrospective (“Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention”) at the Jewish Museum. Read on to discover highlights of the exhibit and tips for viewing it with children, as well as some projects you can do at home and where you can see more surrealism in NYC.


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