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Little Kids Go Wild for ZooZoo

Wow! Is all I can say about the production of ZooZoo my family and I recently saw at the New Victory Theater.  ZooZoo is a unique play without sets, dialogue, or real props.  Unless you consider fantastic, realistic looking animal “costumes” a prop.  Mood setting music, lighting and maybe even a little magic bring a family of polar bears, three frogs, a cat trapped inside a paper bag and musical chairs playing penguins to life.  Every minute of the one hour performance was engaging and hysterical -- my son (as well as all the other kids and most of the adults in the theater) were laughing out loud through the whole show! It's here till October 24, 2010 and tickets are still available.  Don’t miss it.  

Create Your Own Preschool Co-Op

I opted for a parent-founded preschool co-op for my 2-year-old and couldn't be happier. Our preschool co-op meets for two hours on Fridays at a local church's nursery space. This type of preschool alternative can be a great option for families overwhelmed by the preschool admissions process. However, a few weeks into the experiment, our small group of parents has already learned from our early mistakes in planning the co-op, or rather over-planning it! 

I'm happy to share some of what’s working and what hasn’t in case it might help other like-minded parents succeed in building their own preschool co-op. 

Vanderbilt Playground in Prospect Park is Open (Finally!)

It took a long time, but the renovation of Vanderbilt Street Playground in Windsor Terrace is finally complete! Before the renovation, this playground felt dark and dismal. Now it’s open, airy and full of fun structures for kids of all ages. Near Prospect Park Lake, it also offers pretty views, plus Uncle Louie G’s and a decent pizzeria are across the street.

Here’s what you’ll find once you get there:


6 Circuses Perform in New York City This Fall

Hurry, Hurry! Step right up.  Get your popcorn, peanuts and cotton candy now because the Big Apple will soon be known as the Big Top.  The circus is coming to town, but in typical over-the-top NYC style, we don’t have just one circus troupe visiting but six circus troupes! From the enchanting Cirque de Soleil to the hijinks of the Squirm Burpee Circus, fall is going to be fun! Why not a break from all that apple picking and Halloween costume making to sit back and enjoy a day at the circus?


Klub 4 Kidz: Williamsburg's New Indoor Play Gym Keeps Kids Big and Little Moving

Northern Brooklyn has hit the play space jackpot lately with not one or two, but three brand new play gyms opening up. Talk about going from zero to 60. Williamsburg's Klub 4 Kidz is the newest addition and offers a different type of experience than most of the play spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn with a giant play structure, climbing wall, plus spaces for classes and birthday parties. The unique thing about Klub 4 Kidz is that it's as good for 10 year olds as it is for 3 year olds, whereas most play spaces are really designed for the preschool and younger set.

Even if you don't live in Brooklyn, you'll be surprised how easy it is to get to Klub 4 Kids by train from Manhattan or car from Queens and there are lots of great restaurants and boutiques in Williamsburg to make it a fun day trip. So read on:

Fall Culture Guide: 16 Must See Live Concerts for Families in New York City

I remember when my son was born, a friend of mine with much older kids, said to me “you don’t have to listen to kiddie music just because you had a baby. He can listen to your music.” But now, after nearly six years of listening to the emerging genre of kid rock, there is no good reason that I can think of not to introduce kids to their own roster of rock stars. Especially being in New York City where we are surrounded by talented musicians who regularly perform live for children. “Kiddie” music, if you want to call it that, is for the most part top notch not to mention age appropriate and speaks to kids about things they care about (something my music just can’t do.) My son has plenty of time in the future to dig through my record collection, but for now I am happy to dig through his. This fall there are so many bands and artists rocking out in family shows all around the city, read on to find out our favorites:

Fall Culture Guide: 7 New Museum Exhibits for Kids in New York City

Adventure abounds in NYC museums this fall.  Lots of new exciting (and educational) exhibits will have families crash landing into Oz, patrolling the city with the NYPD, going nose to nose with a real woolly mammoth, learning all about the brain and even climbing up a tree.  Once your kids hear about these fun exhibits they will be begging for a museum visit.  Here is our round up of the must-sees that we think the kids will really dig.


See Broadway Shows for Free with Kids' Night on Broadway

This Halloween treat your trickster to something a little different than the usual holiday fare. Kids' Night on Broadway, the popular night on the Great White Way just for them, is back, and this year it’s on October 31st.  Kids can see a free Broadway (or even Off Broadway) play, participate in special Halloween events, plus there are more fun surprises and special deals in store for ticket holders.  Read on to find out what is playing and how to get your ticket (hurry - tickets are going fast!)

Fall Culture 2010: The Best Family Programs and Free Events at NYC Museums

If the kids are experiencing “museum burnout” from too many weekends dragging (or strollering) around one of NYC’s famed museums, don’t worry, you don’t have to write off these trips just yet.  Instead, plan your visits to take advantage of the many educator led programs our museums have to offer.  These programs can provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter and an enriching experience for kids (and adults) or just help make the same old museum look new again. Last week we wrote about all the cool ancillary programs for families and kids at New York City’s art museums and today we are bringing you the “rest” of them: science, nature, design and history.  Read on to find out more:


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