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New Tribeca Kids Film Club and 3 Other Cool Kids Movies Series

Earlier this week we wrote about a website that helps you choose appropriate movies for your kids. Another way to find great movies for kids is to check out one of the local film series where aficionados have selected for you movies that are outstanding.

And this week there's a new option because the people who bring you the Tribeca Film Festival are turning their filmy goodness to movies for kids with the brand new Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club. Read on for the scoop on this new film series where you can catch cool flicks for kids every other Saturday starting this weekend, plus three other cool film series you won't want to miss.

Mini Jake Baby Store in Williamsburg

Mini Jake is Williamsburg, Brooklyn's hip baby design store and sister store to the neighborhood's Two Jakes, its adult counterpart. This 1500 sq foot shrine to baby design is full of some great items to spruce up your baby's room or give as gifts. And, for its size, it is quite a cozy store with little nooks for books, clothing and toys throughout the space.


3 Tricks on Where to Score Top Notch Treats—See who's giving away the good stuff this Halloween

This year we're looking for ways to cut the sugar intake of our kids on Halloween a little bit, like with this idea we had to give away toys rather than candy. But if you're going to do candy, you might as well do it right, right? Here are a couple of tips on some places that are giving away the good stuff. Skip the bite-sized Snickers and read on to find out how to score fancy chocolates, cookies, and even some candy gelato.

New Michaels Crafts Store in New York City Grand Opening Events

It has always really bummed me out that there was no great craft store in New York City. When I was a kid I used to go to the Woolworth's on Broadway for all kinds of crafts supplies. I loved that place, but it's been gone for ages and, while you can find some craft supplies at the art supply stores, it's hit or miss. So, I am thrilled that, finally, there is a great craft store in New York City with the opening of Michaels on the Upper West Side. Yes, it's a huge chain, and, yes, it smells unbearably like potpourri, but I'll take it!

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Takes New York City

Everyone's going crazy for Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out later this week. And New york City is so excited they've dedicated the entire week to the movie launch. This week you can hear the story read by the actors from the movie, get your picture taken in a scene from the film and see, or even buy, original illustrations from the book. Check out these fun, and free, events celebrating Where the Wild Things Are.

Culture Dem Kids: Celebrate Diwali in New York City

Sure, New York City is expensive, but think how much money you save by not having to travel all the way to India with your kids to experience the culture and customs of Diwali. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year, is a time to celebrate good fortune, family and friendships. While October 17, 2009 is the official holiday date, there are events and activities for kids to celebrate Diwali in New York as early as this week. Enjoy performances of the story of Diwali, create traditional decorations to take home, eat yummy Indian foods at Diwali Mela street fairs...all you need is a Metrocard and a sense of curiosity.

Here are some fun Diwali activities and events for kids in New York City:

15 Family Museum Membership Deals to New York City Museums

[UPDATED: September 5, 2012]

You want to take the kids to every cultural institution in this city, but those family-of-four trips to the MoMA and CMOM are starting to add up. You wonder if you should get a membership, if it’s worth it, or if you should just brave the crowds and go during the free times. We did the leg work for you and created a list of the top museums in New York City that offer family memberships, what perks you get and what you need to know to figure out if it's worth it for your family.

Insiders Tip: A bunch of these museums offer free weekly programs along with admission, plus other special events, so a membership gets you in to lots of free, wonderful children's programming. Also, some memberships, at certain levels, will allow for reciprocal admissions to other museums on certain days, check websites for current details.


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