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Spa Castle: Family Friendly Oasis in New York City

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Queen's hot oasis, Spa Castle. Though this may not be the first thing that you think of when you are searching for places to bring the kids, this is exactly what your family needs on these cold and dreary days. In fact, it is so great, that my introduction was a result of my my friends' decision to gather their friends and family there for their son's first birthday. Read on to find out more about the fabulous, and even kid friendly, Spa Castle.

16 Things to Do to Celebrate Dr. Seuss' 107th Birthday in New York City

There once was a man who created a cat.  Atop the cat's head was a red and white hat.  He made up an elephant, and a fox that could rhyme and a grouchy green guy who will live for all time.  That man is no longer.  That man isn’t here.  The Doctor named Seuss would be 107 this year.  Blow out some candles, eat green eggs and ham.  His birthday is Wednesday.  Do you have a plan?

In other words, celebrate the 107th birthday of the incomparable Dr. Seuss with these fun family events going on in NYC:

Five Artsy Indoor Places for Tots in New York City

Say what you will about winter, it’s the ideal time for indoor art projects and encouraging creativity. But many art classes and drop-in studios are directed toward older kids, and may offer projects that are too complicated to hold your little one's interest. Here's a round-up of some of the best options for the under five set. So when your stir-crazy toddler has had it with your nubby crayons and crusty water colors, feel thankful that you live in a city where so many fun places offer outlets for the artsy tot. Here are five great options for those antsy days.

PSbklyn Restaurant: Makes Family Friendly Dining Family Fabulous

As of January 2012, this restaurant has closed.

As we left PSbklyn my husband turned to me and said, "if I had an 11 and 7 year old I would totally go back to that place so we could enjoy a nice meal, especially if they were getting on my nerves." I glanced back just in time to catch my eleven year old punch my seven year old in the arm as he screamed and punched her back. The brief reprieve we had enjoyed at PSbklyn, a new family friendly restaurant in the heart of Park Slope with a rec room in the basement, was clearly over.

Family Fun Workshops at The Whitney Museum in New York City

As a family we really like going to The Whitney Museum of American Art.  For a museum packed with world class contemporary art it is totally manageable to visit with a child. Unlike other museums in town, the kids don’t tire out before they ever get to the main exhibit, making for a fun hour or two excursion versus a day long trek.  And being contemporary in nature, the installations are usually a lot more interesting for kids to look at than simply a gallery filled with paintings.  

What I like the most about The Whitney though is the great programming they have for kids and families.  You may recall last year we told you all about seeing the 2010 Biennial by registering for a fantastic Whitney Wees program.  Well, my husband’s favorite artist is Edward Hopper and we all wanted to see the exhibit: Modern Life – Edward Hopper and His Times, so we were due for a trip back to the museum.  My son has since aged out of Whitney Wees so we registered for a Family Fun Art Workshop and it was a great experience!  Not to mention a perfect indoor activity for NYC families for just ten bucks!

Night Journeys at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, Inspiring Sleep for NYC Kids

At this point in the winter, everyone's list of indoor things-to-do can use a little refreshing. Just in time, there's something new at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Night Journeys, a bilingual exhibit that itself has journeyed around the country, explores the favorite topic of any parent: sleep. Read on to find out why you and your little one will both enjoy this exploration of sleep, a guaranteed non-snooze fest.


Head Lice Removal Services and Salons in New York City

If your family finds itself in a lousy situation, we've got info for some effective natural treatments for you to try at home. But sometimes, it's worth it to venture out for an expert's help. And we've got that covered for you too. There are several services in New York City that will remove lice and nits from your hair. These services are not cheap. For specific pricing info, contact each company directly. All are chemical-free treatments, with unrelenting combing and expert eyes accounting for the clean, lice-free head you will get. Here’s my account of visiting a “nit-picker”:

20 + Things To Do with Kids during Presidents Week in New York City


As usual, you don't have to travel further than maybe the outerboroughs for some good family times this President's Week break. There's plenty to do right here in New York City, like animated movie shorts, circus events, fun in the parks (even in the cold!) and more museum events than we bet you can handle. And while there is no need to go anywhere else, you could still skip town and try some of our suggestions for fun day trips (even some you can do without a car) in our Travel Guide.

Read on for 25 Things to Do Over Winter Recess

20 Under $20: Affordable Family Theater in New York City

If just thinking about spending a few hundred dollars to take your three year old to see a Broadway show puts you in a cold sweat, have no fear. One of the fringe benefits of living in a theater town is all those actors who gravitate to Broadway, but might just be paying their rent by performing as Cinderella in a kids' show around the corner. Think of it as Trickle-Down Theateronomics. There is so much great theater for kids in New York City, performed by Broadway quality actors and it won't cost you your rent money to take your kids.

Behold!  Twenty children's shows (in every boro!) you can see right now (or very soon) for $20 or less:

February Fun at New York City's Children's Museums: Playmobil, Black History Month and Raising Citizens

There are some cool new and seasonal exhibits going on this February at both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Children’s Museums.  From special programs for Black History Month and Presidents Day to a Playmobil toy display, there is likely to be something different from the usual fun for your family to check out if you visit one of these museums this month.




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