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Dig for Gold and Perfect Your Forward Flip at PS1 This Weekend

Take a beautiful, and very deep, brick room and fill it, wall-to-wall, with a thick layer of soft, colorful yarn and thread waste and what do you get? A most unusual, and thoroughly fun, bouncy space where running, jumping, flipping through the air, turning summersaults, and of course, digging for treasure, are simply irresistible--and not just for kids. My five-year-old son wanted to stay all day. So did my husband.

You may be surprised to find that this fun is not in a play space or a children's museum, but at MoMA PS1, the contemporary art museum in Long Island City. Read on to find out more about this and some other exhibits at MoMA PS1 that will make checking it out in the exhibit's last weekend worth the trip.

Best NYC Kids' Concerts for Fall 2011: 14 Rockin' Live Music Shows

While it's true that the season of free outdoor kids' concerts is over, there's plenty of music to look forward to this autumn. That's why we're kicking off our fall culture preview with a roundup of awesome New York City family rock concerts, featuring some of our favorite local kids' bands.

In addition to picking the best bets from well known kids' concert series like 92YTribeca's Bring Your Own Kid, we did the research and found a bunch of cheap and even free live shows. Out of the 14 we're highlighting, three are $10 or under per person and five are absolutely free! 

With big names like Grammy winner Dan Zanes, Princess Katie & Racer Steve and Gustafer Yellowgold playing, we're looking to these shows as much as our kids are. So get ready to move and groove at the best kids' rock concerts in NYC.

East River Ferry: 20 Fun Things to Do With NYC Kids Along the Route

For a long time, New York City seemed to forget that it was made up of islands. But over the past few years, we've been remedying this situation by reclaiming our waterfronts with riverside parks, and creating new opportunities to get out on the water, whether for transportation or pleasure.

The newest addition to NYC's waterfront culture is the East River Ferry, operated by NY Waterway. With stops in Midtown, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Dumbo, the Financial District and Governors Island (and Atlantic Avenue and Red Hook on summer Fridays), the East River Ferry is a great way to visit lots of fun spots for a full day out with the kids.

With an all-day pass ($12 for anyone over age 5), you can hop on and off the ferry at any of the stops throughout the day, so you can hit different attractions in multiple boroughs. My family and I tried it, and we discovered 20 great things to do with kids along the East River Ferry route.

Summer Reading 2011 for NYC Kids Kicks Off June 9 With Free Celebrations

This is the time of year when parents start worrying about how much their kids will forget over the summer. As the mom of a kindergartner who's starting to read on his own, I want to make sure that he continues to leaf  through—and more importantly, love—books. That's why I'm signing him up for Summer Reading.

On Thursday, June 9, New York City’s three public library systems launch the 2011 edition of this wonderful annual program. Since all public school students have that day off, they can attend one of many free kick-off celebrations and sign up for the program, which tracks kids' consumption of books, music, DVDs and video games.

Read on (or better yet, have your kids do it) for the info on Thursday's fetes, and how your children can get in on this summer-long tradition.

Five Artsy Indoor Places for Tots in New York City

Say what you will about winter, it’s the ideal time for indoor art projects and encouraging creativity. But many art classes and drop-in studios are directed toward older kids, and may offer projects that are too complicated to hold your little one's interest. Here's a round-up of some of the best options for the under five set. So when your stir-crazy toddler has had it with your nubby crayons and crusty water colors, feel thankful that you live in a city where so many fun places offer outlets for the artsy tot. Here are five great options for those antsy days.

Shopping at NYC's Fantastic Ethnic Markets with Your Kids

While regular grocery shopping can be a major chore with children along, checking out ethnic markets with your kids is truly great fun and packs a whollup in entertainment value. It’s always a super sensory experience tantalizing tots and teens alike with new smells (often heavenly), sights, colors and tastes too. From breathtaking beauties on dessert stands to radishes that look like trolls to ookie-gookie innards that belong in Ripley’s refrigerator and give your kiddos a bonus dose of weird anatomy, it’s all there to ogle and enjoy. Plus there is always unusual and frequently funny packaging to spice things up.  And all that tempting new food may expand a puny palate or two.  You can spend as little or as much as you wish and still have a grand ol’ time. Keep reading to find out our top picks for maximum fun at ethnic markets here in NYC!

Cool Off at the Warm Up: Live Music, Wading Pools and Fun for the Whole Family at MOMA's P.S.1

It’s true that art museums don’t instantly come to mind when you think of outdoor water works where kids can splash around and cool off on a steamy summer day, but PS1’s unique “Warm Up” Saturdays do just that.  Their interactive courtyard exhibit entitled Pole Dance (fear not, there’s nothing “Bada Bing” or remotely suggestive about it), offers a wading pool filled with giant pastel colored exercise balls and nets to throw them in, a refreshing sprinkler-like water mister to stand under, a sandbox the size of a swimming pool (with some fun purple climbing structures), cushy hammocks for swinging in, more balls and nets for all-around exercise, and, of course, poles which you’re supposed to shimmy up or swing on to create weird whooshing sounds. Sound like a blast?! Read on to find out more!

Viewing Tips for NYC Elephant March 2010

Staying up late and seeing the annual Ringling Brothers' elephants exit The Midtown Tunnel is a fairly exciting event for city kids--afterall it's not every day you see pachyderms parading down 34th Street in the middle of the night to herald the Spring opening of the circus. No secret there.

But we do have some tips on seeing the elephants this year:

3 More Cool Art Exhibits for Kids in New York City to See Now

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Alexander Calder exhibit at the Whitney, But there are a couple of other grown up art exhibits going on that are interesting for kids too. Installations that will puzzle and charm, let kids physically interact with the work and art works that are made from everyday objects that children will recognize, bring art to life for kids, engaging their imaginations, inspiring their creativity and remind you why you're in New York again. Check out these exhibits at MoMA, P.S. 1 and The Museum of Art and Design.


Free Fun Friday - Fall Halloween Harvest Festivals

Starting this weekend, most events taking place for kids in NYC invite you to come in costume. So, get your Princesses and Spidermen ready and check out these fall festivals:

NYC Apple Day 2008 - the LES turns the "Big Apple" green with NYC Apple Day and  Go Green Lower East Side. Be transported back in time with the old-fashioned apple cider press, a live honey beehive plus some modern faves like


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