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Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock, Unique Family Entertainment in NYC

In 2008, I read about Gustafer Yellowgold on this very site and was instantly intrigued; I kept it on my short list and waited for the show to come back to town.  Last year my son and I were lucky enough to finally catch the awesome live show (for free no less) in a NYC public library and we were both carried away into the musical animated fantasyland created by the singer/songwriter/artist Morgan Taylor.  Gustafer Yellowgold is back with a brand new show, Gustafer Yellowgold’s Infinity Sock that is enchanting NYC for the next few weeks before heading out on a national tour.  

If you have seen Gustafer before make sure to catch up on his exciting new adventures, and if you haven’t read on to find out what you have been missing!

Clothing the Kiddos for under $100

I am notoriously cheap, I’m sorry, frugal when it comes to children’s clothing. And why shouldn’t I be? Children are messy, destructive and have growth spurts that rival The Hulk’s. They ball up their shorts and T’s and stick them under the bed and you don’t find them until Christmas. Their favorite foods are chocolate, grape juice, and spaghetti sauce. They even have the audacity to bleed on their garments. Why would I spend my hard-earned money on this sort of behavior?

High Teas in New York City with Kids: Lady Mendl's Tea Salon

Lady Mendl's is a true Victorian tea salon in a brownstone on Irving Place near Union Square. Walk up the stoop and through the all but unmarked door for an elegant, classic five course English afternoon tea in a Victorian era brownstone parlor. Sit on couches by the fireplace or at elegantly set tables and enjoy a filling afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones with Devonshire clotted cream and jam, desserts and bottomless pots of tea from a wide selection, including several of their own blends.

There are no gimmicks here or a child's menu. The fun of Lady Mendl's is in its "grown-upness'" and authenticity. Lady Mendl's is not for pretend playing, it's a true escape into another time and place for a few hours.

Destination Playground: New Union Square Playground

When I was a little kid we lived near what we called Abingdon Square Park and is now called Bleeker Park, the playground on 7th Avenue in the West Village. It was a great park and the main feature was a giant concrete boat that we would climb on, tunnel under, jump over and in general inspired many imaginative games. The concrete boat is long gone now and I can only imagine that some kid smashing their face into it one too many times hastened its end.

Now most NYC playgrounds look pretty much the same: generic climbing equipment, slides, sometimes swings or a water feature, but a new playground in Union Square definitely breaks the mold for NYC playgrounds.

10 More Free Story Times for Indoor Fun

Sometimes a story time is just the right amount of activity for us when we don't want to commit to a whole involved outing, but we want something to do out of the house. Plus, they are relatively restful and easy for the exhausted grown-ups. We've written about the story times at Barnes & Noble and the New York Public Library, plus some others, but if you're bored of your same old, same old, here are some interesting new-to-you storytimes to check out, many of them in fun places that you'll be able to stretch your story hour into a full day of fun:  

Five Cool NYC Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and Me classes can be salvation for new parents. At the least, they get you out of the house, build structure into your day, and help you meet other moms and dads. But even if you can't picture yourself singing nursery rhymes and skipping around at a typical Mommy and Me class, here are some of the best, cool and unique mommy (or daddy) and me classes that you might even enjoy just as much as your baby or toddler will.

Barnes and Noble Storytimes

We recently wrote about the Battery Park City as a nice place to spend a day indoors., with lots of different activities amenities. Well, here's a nice addition to this little outing: there's a big, brand new Barnes & Noble bookstore just about a block away at 270 Greenwich Street (the entrance is actually on Warren).

Mommy Poppins Readers' Top 25 Places for NYC Kids

Our Custom Made for Kids personalized children's book giveaway is over, and what a great response we got. Not only did we have lots of responses, but each commenter told us their favorite thing to do in NYC with kids. The list is filled with some wonderful gems. After the jump, our contest winner and Mommy Poppins Readers' Top 25 Things to Do with Kids in NYC.


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