Governors Island

Must-See Outdoor Art: 9 Exhibits Kids Will Love

Those seeking alfresco art have plenty of options to choose from this summer as a slew of brand-new, kid-friendly displays just debuted in New York City.

So skip the indoors, and make the city's parks and streets your summer museum while you check out these nine public works of art, including a giant Hello Kitty and a cheerful canopy of colorful umbrellas. Our list includes uptown and downtown spots, Times Square, Brooklyn, Governors Island and the Bronx.

Find even more outdoor public art in New York in our earlier list of spring debuts.

5 Royal Ways to Play Princess for NYC Kids

Most little kids don't need an excuse to dress up. In fact, it's tough to get some of them to dress down. (I've been through that "But mommy, I need to wear my princess dress to school!" battle too, trust me.)

While it's great to put on fancy clothes just for the fun of it, sometimes it's nice to find a special outing to go with them. A few months ago, we shared our ideas for an exciting day out for wannabe pirates. Today, we've got royal suggestions for aspiring princesses and princes in NYC. We covered some of these experiences in our previous princess post but that was a number of years ago and royals need to keep up on all the latest fashions. One thing that hasn't changed much since then? The high prices for some of these destinations. But we've got a few FREE recommendations, too, to make sure your princess doesn't turn into a pauper overnight. So before you pass on those old Halloween costumes, here are five great ways to play princess with NYC kids. You can find more inspiration for themed outings in our Party Guide.

Figment NYC Festival on Governors Island: Creative Fun for the Whole Family

Sometimes rain is the best thing that can happen to your weekend plans. There's nothing like a storm to keep the teeming masses away from an excellent event. The Figment Festival on Governors Island is one of the most fun things to do in the city every June, but it's usually jam-packed. This year, we braved a few drizzles (and one downpour) and almost had Figment completely to ourselves.

This free festival continues through Sunday, June 12, so there's still time to enjoy all of the wacky, artsy fun. What's the fest like? Check out our slide show and our list of highlights of the 2011 Figment Festival, then head to Governors Island tomorrow to see for yourself.


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