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Explore a Tipi at Brooklyn Museum's New Exhibit

One of my daughters’ favorite exhibits at The Brooklyn Museum is the historic rooms, with recreated interiors of Dutch Colonial homes. But they were always upset that they couldn’t go inside them to play. At the new exhibit, Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains, kids can go right into a giant tipi. Read on to find out more details about this cool new exhibit.

Night Journeys at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, Inspiring Sleep for NYC Kids

At this point in the winter, everyone's list of indoor things-to-do can use a little refreshing. Just in time, there's something new at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Night Journeys, a bilingual exhibit that itself has journeyed around the country, explores the favorite topic of any parent: sleep. Read on to find out why you and your little one will both enjoy this exploration of sleep, a guaranteed non-snooze fest.


20 + Things To Do with Kids during Presidents Week in New York City


As usual, you don't have to travel further than maybe the outerboroughs for some good family times this President's Week break. There's plenty to do right here in New York City, like animated movie shorts, circus events, fun in the parks (even in the cold!) and more museum events than we bet you can handle. And while there is no need to go anywhere else, you could still skip town and try some of our suggestions for fun day trips (even some you can do without a car) in our Travel Guide.

Read on for 25 Things to Do Over Winter Recess

February Fun at New York City's Children's Museums: Playmobil, Black History Month and Raising Citizens

There are some cool new and seasonal exhibits going on this February at both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Children’s Museums.  From special programs for Black History Month and Presidents Day to a Playmobil toy display, there is likely to be something different from the usual fun for your family to check out if you visit one of these museums this month.



30 Favorite Places to Have Fun Indoors in New York City


We recently asked readers to recommend some of their favorite places for families in New York City. This week we'll be posting some round-ups that include your favorite places and ours. We've already posted 20 favorite family-friendly restaurants and now we're sharing 30 fun spots for indoor play when the weather is too cold, hot or rainy. Make this your to-do list for the winter and you're guaranteed to keep busy and entertained, no matter how brutal the weather gets.

Got a favorite place that didn't make the list? Please add it to the comments below—we'd love to hear additional suggestions!

Culture Dem Kids: Celebrate Diwali in New York City

Sure, New York City is expensive, but think how much money you save by not having to travel all the way to India with your kids to experience the culture and customs of Diwali. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year, is a time to celebrate good fortune, family and friendships. While October 17, 2009 is the official holiday date, there are events and activities for kids to celebrate Diwali in New York as early as this week. Enjoy performances of the story of Diwali, create traditional decorations to take home, eat yummy Indian foods at Diwali Mela street fairs...all you need is a Metrocard and a sense of curiosity.

Here are some fun Diwali activities and events for kids in New York City:

Learning about our world: Sheep Shearing Events and Felt Exhibit

We think of New York City as the "real" world, but then there's that other real world: the one where our food is grown and our clothes are made. We can be fairly isolated from these everyday realities. But even in New York, there are ample opportunities to learn about where things come from.

This weekend is Sheep Shearing Weekend with a couple of events to learn about how wool is turned from a sheep's winter coat into the fabric that makes our clothes and other things. Find a sheep shearing event in the city or drive out for one in the 'burbs. For extra credit check out an art exhibit about felt that takes it to the next step to show how wool is made into felt and many beautiful objects made from felt.

New Building Brainstorm Exhibit at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The totally redone Brooklyn Children's Museum is still new enough that we hadn't yet exhausted the current exhibits, but they're staying one step ahead of us by adding a great new exhibit that we really enjoyed, Building Brainstorm. I have always been interested in the fields of architecture and design, and thought this would be a great opportunity to expose my boys to those interests during play.

Located on the second floor, this bi-lingual (Spanish and English—love that!) exhibition continues with the interactive theme found throughout the museum, encouraging and inviting children of all ages to plan, build, and design, with rough materials and soft cloths, plastics and wood. The exhibit is made up of a series of challenges: Shape Search Challenge, Shapes in Building Challenge, Inside Shapes Challenge, Window House Challenge, Floor Plan Challenge, Room Design Challenge, and Brainstorm Challenge.

Cleanest Indoor Play Spaces in New York City

200902161730.jpgDo you check back on posts to read the comments? Sometimes readers add great information there, or ask great questions. Some of my favorites lately were Margaret who asked other readers if they wanted to get a group together for a kids knitting class. Sharon, left a great comment with more ideas of places to eat on the Lower East Side on the Candy Store Itinerary post. Another commenter on our Drop In Play Spaces post asked for recommendations for the cleanest play spaces.

Good question. It seems to be a trade off. Places that don't charge hefty membership fees and are open to the public maybe aren't always quite as pristine. But I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule. Here are some of the indoor play places I've found to be really clean:

New Free Shuttle To Brooklyn Attractions Makes Them Even More Attractive

Unfortunately due to cutbacks, all of these trolley routes have been discontinued as of 2012. What do the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park and the Prospect Park Zoo all have in common? They're wonderful NYC cultural institutions that you almost feel guilty for not going to more often (or ever). You know they're great, they're just a little...inconvenient.

But now, they all have something else in common too...they're all stops on the brand new FREE Heart of Brooklyn cultural shuttle. The Heart of Brooklyn Culture Shuttle is a free hop-on hop off service running three different programs:


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