Spring Family Day: Journey to the Harlem Renaissance

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 12:00pm
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Learn how Harlem became the hub for African American artistic expression. Carnegie Hall invites families to make music together by offering a wide range of activities in its Resnick Education Wing that are free, interactive, and fun! Families can enjoy live performances, build their own instruments, sing and dance with professional musicians, and more.

Admission is first come, first served, so arrive early.

Spring Family Day Activities:

Welcome Center
Before participants start their journey, they can enjoy the elegant moves of Dancing Classrooms Youth Dance Company, who perform dance steps popular during the Harlem Renaissance.

Josephine’s Nightclub
Mwenso and the Shakes, a Harlem-based musical group, honor the music of the Harlem Renaissance and explore works inspired by it. Participants  join these global musicians on a journey through the music of Harlem. From the Charleston to swing, participants learn some basic steps made famous during the Harlem Renaissance, then incorporate those dances into the performance of Mwenso and the Shakes.

Duke’s Music Studio
Participants harness their imaginations and follow a jazz band on a journey through Harlem during its Renaissance. Through an interactive musical story, audience members are immersed in the sounds of dance halls, jazz clubs, and more. Participants are encouraged to enhance the story with their own movements and voices!

Jacob’s Art Space
Participants create torn paper collages inspired by iconic Harlem artists Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden.

Louis’ Instrument Workshop
Families have the chance to build and perform on trombones and sandblocks from recycled materials in this hands-on activity with Bash the Trash. Interactive performances by the Bash the Trash ensemble are included.

Langston’s Writing Room
Participants create poems inspired by the work of Langston Hughes and other poets, and then have a chance to perform their poetry in an informal poetry slam.

Part of Carnegie Hall's Migrations: The Making of America project.

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