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Lavender Blues

During the COVID-19 crisis, when social distancing is a must, Lavender Blues classes are now online!

Lavender Blues is an intimate music and movement session for babies and toddlers. During a 40-minute class, participants use rhythm and music in conjunction with singing and dancing to have fun, learn how to control their bodies, and develop important social skills.

In class, everyone sits in a circle singing songs, playing with instruments, and moving their fingers, arms, and feet. They also march, dance, and play with a ginormous parachute.

Lavender Blues helps parents and caretakers to create an undeniable bond with their children while meeting others in the community.

Lavender Blues at Dimensions on Stage
7601 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Lavender Blues Studios
175 Malcolm X Blvd., Bed-Stuy
Brooklyn, NY 11221
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