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Junior MBA Online Summer Camp

The JuniorCEO and JuniorCTO programs are 10-day courses designed to help middle and high school students get early experience with problem solving in real-world contexts. The courses are designed to help students access some of the more useful insights about the real world as these are taught in a simple, relatable way using a project-based learning approach. 

The JuniorCEO program uses case studies of start-ups and multi-national companies to help students learn the key principles of entrepreneurship. 

The JuniorCTO program is the equivalent of JrCEO but in the technology domain. Too often, students learn how to code but don't know why. This class shows students why technology matters and how it can be used to solve unique problems.

The course curriculum has been tested for the past 5 years with 120 international private schools around the world.

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Junior MBA Online Summer Camp
New York, NY
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