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Juni Learning

If your child enjoys creating things—art, Lego, videos, stories, or games—and likes figuring out how things work, Juni Learning might be for them. 

Juni Learning offers live online coding classes for kids ages 8-18. With a 1:1 instructor-to-student ratio, students get to work on a project-based curriculum and move at their own pace. Juni Learning is currently offering classes in Python, Scratch, Java, and APCS-A. Join anytime!

To enroll in a Juni Learning class, a student must be able to: sit still and focus for 50-minute sessions with their instructor, read words fluently, understand multi-digit addition and subtraction, type using a keyboard, and use a mouse. All students must have a laptop or desktop (no tablets or Chromebooks) and high-speed internet. Classes are reoccurring.

Juni Learning (online only)
995 Market St., WeWork
San Francisco, CA 94103
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