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GOLD Comedy

GOLD Comedy is the platform for teen girls who want to turn their sense of humor into their superpower. It's perfect for the girl who wants to make people laugh, make people listen, and make People magazine put her on the cover. Whether you want to amplify your voice literally (with a mic) or figuratively (by building your confidence and presence), this online comedy workshop is the place (and safe space) for you.

Come learn from pros and peers how to:

  • Write, tell, and sell a joke 
  • Uncover and unleash your true comedy persona
  • Create and perform a comedy set
  • Be your already funny self.

Through videos, quizzes, and writing—doable in about 5 hours on your own time—you will leave with:

  • A sense of your unique lens on the world
  • A grasp of joke structure
  • A feel for which jokes are fair game (or not)
  • Helpful feedback
  • An actual 1-minute standup-style comedy set
  • One less thing on your bucket list!
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