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Dancewave Virtual Programs

Dancewave virtual classes support a community of enthusiastic, creative young dancers ages 3 to 18. Dive into ballet, modern, or hip hop techniques as well as creative movement and storytelling for little ones. All programs embrace Dancewave’s supportive culture model and are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment for kids of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Class offerings include:

  • Ages 3-6: Creative Movement, Creative Ballet, and Storytelling through Dance
  • Ages 7-9: Ballet, Modern, and Hip Hop
  • Ages 9-11: Ballet, Modern, and Hip Hop
  • Ages 11-18: Ballet and Modern

Stay home, stay safe, and stay active with Dancewave! #dancemakeswaves #dancewave25years

182 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Brooklyn, NY
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