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Adventuring Portal - Online After-School D&D

Adventuring Portal brings after-school online Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) experiences to tweens and teens. Sessions are focused on experiential learning, and players leave knowing all the basic game play as well as experiencing teamwork, bravery, compassion, generosity, negotiation, improvisation, gamer etiquette, strategy, critical thinking, problem solving, cartography, and probability—all through online D&D adventuring.

Storytellers guide a variety of after-school sessions from both the east and west coasts with flexible scheduling. All games are hand-curated to ensure players are grouped age appropriately. All-girls groups are available.

Adventuring Portal is an inclusive organization and welcome gamers who are LGBTQIA+ and those on any spectrum.
Also offered are 3-hour Virtual Sleepover Sessions every Friday and Saturday night that are perfect for virtual parties or game nights.

Gallery images 2-8 are player art.

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