British Swim School

British Swim School's survival-first swimming lessons have helped to develop safer swimmers for over 40 years, from babies as young as 3 months old to adults well into their 70s. Through the fun-filled and goal-oriented program, become comfortable and confident in the water while learning to stay safe. 

Why Choose British Swim School? 

  • Survival-First Approach
  • Goal-Oriented Program
  • Fun & Gentle Teaching Methods
  • Year-Round Enrollment
  • Small Class Sizes

Whether you want to introduce your infant to the water, advance your child's swimming skills, or are an adult who wants to learn how to swim, British Swim School offers a variety of swimming classes for all ages and skill levels.

Find a pool near you.

British Swim School of Manhattan*New location: BMCC- 77 Harrison St, New York NY 10013.

British Swim School of Long Island

British Swim School of the Hudson Valley

British Swim School of Brooklyn Queens & Nassau

British Swim School of Rockland & North Bergen County

British Swim School of South Westchester

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