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Nursery and Pre-K at Trevor Day School

Trevor's Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten programs are based in Trevor’s Lower School (N-Grade 5). Both programs are focused on the social and emotional development of children in concert with academic growth, and each features a dynamic, play-based curriculum that sparks wonder in young children.
Two expert teachers in every classroom provide a nurturing setting in which students encounter foundational academic experiences. Children explore language arts through songs, rhyming games, and alphabet books. The study of math is introduced through exercises involving number recognition, counting, and identifying patterns. Students become scientists through hands-on explorations that engage their senses and natural curiosity. Additional enriching experiences in art, music, physical education, library, and Spanish are a part of every week, as are rooftop play and trips to Central Park. This range of fun and purposeful experiences forms the basis of inquiry-based learning.

Trevor Day School
1 W 88th Street (between CPW & Columbus Ave.)
New York, NY 10024
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