MUSE Academy

MUSE Academy is an independent private school and preschool in Brooklyn. MUSE makes music and performing arts the foundation of kids' education to enhance cognitive development, confidence, and creativity. Its unique pre-K and kindergarten programs nurture a passion for learning from an early age. MUSE Academy's faculty comes from many of the leading universities and conservatories in the world. Using an inquiry-based learning model, its approach engages all the modes through which children learn and communicate—including verbal, analytical, kinesthetic, spatial, social, and emotional. The rigorous academic curriculum includes literature, the humanities, math, science, Spanish, and the visual arts.

Here is what parents have to say about their child’s experience at MUSE Academy:

“We have been blown away by what a great experience this year has been for [our daughter]. The teachers are incredibly creative, fun, and loving. The music and arts curriculum is phenomenal; my daughter has taught me about the ‘string family’ and Keith Haring. And she is also getting a solid academic foundation, learning her letters and foundational pre-literacy skills, math and science, and great social-emotional development.”

“We have our two daughters attending MUSE Academy, in first grade and pre-K 4, and couldn’t be happier. We came from a well-regarded public school and private pre-school, and yet we were immediately blown away by the differences at Muse.”

MUSE Academy is located in the heart of Brooklyn’s arts district and offers:

  • Exceptional faculty with advanced degrees
  • Small class sizes with individualized instruction
  • Daily classes in music, dance, visual arts, and Spanish
  • Literacy, math, and science curricula based on the most successful programs in the world
  • A highly diverse, warm, and welcoming student body and families
  • Inquiry-based teaching method that encourages a growth mindset where children love learning.

Want to learn more? Attend an upcoming Virtual Open House or contact the Admissions team at or 929-400-1751.

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