New Amsterdam School

At New Amsterdam School, the uniqueness of each child is honored and education considers the healthy development of the child's whole being. Families at New Amsterdam take part in a full Waldorf Early Childhood program and Elementary School within the warm, home-like East Village campus and beautiful outdoor classrooms in a partner community garden. The modern, innovative Waldorf curriculum at New Amsterdam inspires reverence for the natural world, for one's self, and for others, while developing foundational practical, social, and cognitive skills.

Early Childhood students thrive in self-directed play, creative arts, and abundant time in nature, freely exploring the world around them while developing the skills for future social and academic success.

The multi-disciplinary Elementary School curriculum integrates hands-on experiences such as gardening, woodworking, and cooking with deeply engaging academics, awakening children's innate intelligence, developing solid social-emotional skills, and empowering them to step into the world with confidence and joy.

New Amsterdam School also offers parent-child classes and elementary afterschool classes to the greater community, as well as seasonal festivals, exhibitions, puppet shows, and other events open to the public.

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