Lebeor School of Art

Lebeor School of Art's curriculum is based on the idea that students can learn art through the practice of its established canon of practice. Creative students often feel discouraged when they can't draw what they imagine or hope to. That’s why one of Lebeor's main goals is to improve each student’s drawing and coloring abilities through a variety of mediums so they no longer feel limited in expressing their artistic vision. Based on the practice of realistic art with the addition of modern ideas, Lebeor teachers make sure to give students plenty of room to exercise creativity within a structured framework. Classes are divided by age group starting with the first grade, work with a variety of artistic media, and prepare for middle and high school tests as well as college portfolios.

Visit the website to find examples of student work and more information about Lebeor School of Art classes, and to sign up for a trial class. To sign up for a trial class, fill out the google form on the website and one of school's teachers will be in touch regarding the class to answer any questions you may have.

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