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Ross Summer, built on the innovative, educational foundation of Ross School, is an exciting and enriching experience for kids and teens. Ross Summer offers fun programs in the arts, media, and sciences; for-credit academic courses with top faculty; and high-level athletic training. Ross is a leader in COVID preparedness with extensive facilities and a COVID Response Team that maintains the highest safety standards. Premium services enhance the Ross Summer experience and provide an opportunity for families to create their ideal summer.

Ross Summer Camp, which is celebrating its fourteenth year, is a place where children can learn and grow in a supportive environment under the tutelage of professional instructors. Along with all the fun of a traditional summer camp, campers can participate in a wide range of immersive and exciting week-long programs.

Ross Sports Camp provides young athletes with an opportunity to spend their summer training under expert coaches and sports professionals. From specialized U10 programs to high-performance training with live ball drills and match play series, Ross's all-encompassing summer program is its most intense and complete junior tennis education offered. Ross also brings the same dedication and experience of the Ross School Tennis Academy to the basketball court and more, with programs designed to help young athletes of all levels build their skills.

Ross Summer Term provides students ages 12-18 with an opportunity to earn high school credits and participate in enrichment programs, led by Ross School’s world-class faculty. Rigorous academic courses are balanced with relaxation and time at the beach in idyllic East Hampton, NY.

Ross School is an innovative day and boarding school located in East Hampton. Founded in 1991 by Courtney and Steven J. Ross and designed to prepare students to thrive in the future, Ross School offers a transformative model for education: a newly designed curriculum, reinvented campus spaces, an empathetic culture, and an evolved learning environment that also considers faculty to be ongoing learners. Ross School offers the highest quality education for students in nursery through grade 12 and maintains a tremendous commitment to teacher professional development. Ross School serves as a lab for teaching and learning and an incubator for educational innovation, preparing students for global literacy, citizenship, and leadership in the 21st century.

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