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GIVEAWAY! “Rated P (For Parenthood)”: The New Musical Comedy at SOPAC

RATED P: The Musical” is the new SOPAC musical comedy exploring the wonders and lunacy of raising kids from conception to college drop-off. Starring local Broadway veterans, RATED P brings the audience on a hilarious and touching journey of both the joys and the drama of parenthood. Teresa Sellinger interviewed Sandy Rustin, the book/lyrics writer, whose own parenting experience served as the impetus for Rated P. (And keep on reading for a special giveaway for opening night tickets!)

Clip, Snip and Style: Top New Jersey Children’s Hair Salons

Justin Bieber may travel with a personal stylist, but when it comes to kids’ haircuts, the rest of us are fated to find a salon that won’t elicit screams of terror and battles of will.  Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a group of the best New Jersey children’s hair shops–places that not only cater to kids, but coddle them with treats, video games, race car chairs and HDTV— a far cry from the buzzcut-only barber shops of our day! We've even found a few that have accomodations for special needs kids to make their haircut less traumatizing. Oh, and remember to grab a trimming from the sweepings as a keepsake–Bieber’s lock just sold on Ebay for $40,668.–and hey, you never know who’ll be bidding on your future star’s hair in the future!

Weekend Events in NJ, April 23-24: Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail, FREE Jersey Family Fun Prevails

So, the weather guys predict a cold and rainy weekend, but heck, when have predictions panned out this Spring? We say, don your Easter bonnets, pack for sunshine, rain or snow, and get the family going. Indoor experiments, outdoor planting, indoor performances, outdoor egg hunts–even a chance to make the Guinness Book of World Records for Diaper Changing. Turn off the weather channel. Sound the “We’re leaving in 5 minutes ” warning. And go, NJ.

One Great Day in NJ: Campgaw Mountain Reservation

When I was a kid I loved being outside. My mom lived on a farm and my brothers and I spent many a summer getting lost in the cornfields, and locked in the chicken coop. (That last one was just me.) But  upon the discovery of gossip magazines and teen angst, I decided that hot, sweaty, buggy, cold, windy, mild, sunny, rainy, snowy, overcast, undercast, sideways weather was just not for me, and I broke up with the outdoors. Inside and I had a good time, but eventually Central Park and picnics called me back outside, and then I camped. I slept outside. I even had fun, despite the torrential rain. And then I had children, who should really come with a warning: MUST NOT BE KEPT INSIDE ALL WEEKEND. PRONE TO SELF DESTRUCTION. So, we hike. (And camp, but that's another story. Stay tuned.)

"Parenting Without Power Struggles": Book Review

Have some power struggles in your family? Kids wearing you out? You wearing them out? Enter the lovely and down-to-earth Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting Without Power Struggles: Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids while Staying Cool, Calm and Connected. Ms. Stiffelman is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child counselor, an Educational Therapist, and Parent Educator. She's also a teacher. And a mom. A mom to a college student, which means that she raised a child to adulthood without killing him or having a nervous breakdown. This alone would give her the authority to speak on the topic at hand, but, oh, there's so much more.

Weekend Events in NJ, April 16-17: Trout Fishing, Martial Arts & Chocolate Tea Parties

This weekend you're sure to find a kid-friendly event that will suit everyone from theater-goers to nature nuts and history buffs to girly-girls. There's a Kids Trout Fishing Derby, a Martial Arts Expo, a Revolutionary themed weekend of events in Morristown, theater performances of favorite books like the Hungry Caterpillar and the Berenstain Bears, a fair at Grounds for Sculpture, and an Easter-themed Alice in Wonderland Chocolate tea party. And don't forget the many Earth Day events!

Merry Maids. A Mom’s Best Friend(s).

Even before I was a working mom, I never had time to properly clean my house. Okay, I never made time to properly clean my house, but let’s not split hairs, shall we? Honestly, I have the greatest respect for people who spend precious time to keep their homes tidy, and I do try very hard to be part of their exclusive club, but when Merry Maids contacted me and offered me a free cleaning, I jumped on it like a monkey on a cupcake. Or like a busy working mom on a maid service.

Kids' Bike Races and Tours in NJ!

Break out the bikes! Springtime is the best weather for bike riding. Now that my kids have lost the training wheels and are able to ride the distance, we are ready to do some serious biking… starting this weekend with the Branchbrook Park Cherry Blossom Bike Tour in Newark! If you would rather keep both feet on the ground, there is also a nice offering of kid-only mountain biking events throughout New Jersey that you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to wear your helmets!

Weekend Events in NJ, April 9-10: Go Wild with Bees, Bingo and Borneo, or Mild with Fashion, Flowers and Fossils–mostly FREE!

You know how we love alliteration here at Mommy Poppins and this weekend is full of it--Bees, Bingo, Borneo... yeah, you get it. There is so much fun stuff to do in early spring, so take advantage of the might-be-warm weather or all the indoor possibilities in case of more rain (or snow--could be, it's been a weird spring so far, right?) Have fun!


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