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Your NJ Weekend August 13-14: Ducky Derby, OMG! Tea Party, Peaches, and Inkalicious, mostly FREE!

Amazingly, it is the middle of August and there's only two weeks left of summer. Before you start crying into your mojito, remember that with September's cool breezes come... back to school for the small people. Which just might be cause to celebrate for some of us weary parents. Or maybe that's just me. In any case, there's plenty of fun stuff happening mid-August, like outdoor parties, fests, bug-eating, art, rubber ducks, surfing and so much more. Enjoy!

One Great Day in NJ: Free Fossil Digging at Big Brook

Did you know that New Jersey is home to one of the largest and best areas in the country for late Cretaceous period fossils? And you don’t
even have to be a fancy archaeologist with special permits to search for fossils! So if your kids are like mine and get excited about walking in knee high water in search of 40-million-year-old treasure, just keep on reading…

Back to School Resources for Special Needs Families

[UPDATED: July 18, 2012]

Preparing your child for back to school should be simple.  Buy them some clothes, let them pick out a cool new backpack, and the best part of all – shop for new school supplies (I loved my Trapper Keeper back in the day). But as a parent of special needs children, feelings of joy and anticipation of successes in the new school year can sometimes be replaced with anxiety.  Have they regressed over the summer? How they will function socially with a new teacher and different classmates?

Your NJ Weekend August 6-7: Rockin’ Shows, Sharks, Farm Fun and More, Mostly FREE!

Whichever way your musical tastes run, your family’ll find something to suit their fancy this weekend.  From the Fuzzy Lemons in Morristown and Xanadu in Kearny, to Bon Jovi in Lake Hopatcong, Sock Hop songs in Hamilton and Show Choir in Camden, we have you covered.   Celebrate National Lighthouse Day with nautical-inspired activities in Cape May, or head to Camden where Shark Week winds down at Adventure Aquarium.  Quieter moments may be had at a Down-Home Farm Fest in Cape May or a Family Fun Day at Historic Speedwell.  Whatever your pick, you’ll be whistling a happy tune at day’s end.

Your NJ Weekend July 30-31: Hot Air Balloon Fests, Fairies, 4-H Fairs and More, Mostly FREE!

Whether you’ve thrilled to a hot air balloon ride or just love looking up at a sky filled with huge colorful balloons, you’ll love this weekend! There’s two fests–a smaller one with rides and fair fun; and a huge one with hot concert action. Speaking of concerts, check out the FREE “Grease” performance on the Hoboken waterfront, or the stars of tomorrow performing a tribute to the Big Apple. There’s also fairy fun, an indoor play party, and Thomas the Tank Engine. Up, up and away!

Special Needs Support Groups in Ocean and Monmouth Counties

I don’t know about some of you, but summer can be a very stressful time for me, when my days are dedicated to trying to figure out what to do with my boys from morning to night.  My number one priority?  Keeping them cool and happy.  My number two priority?  Keeping myself sane enough to keep them cool and happy. Anyone with a child on the Autism spectrum who can say that summer is 100% fun, please tell me your secret!

Weekend events in NJ July 23-24: More Fests! More Fests! Oh, and Fireflies, Baseball and Zoos too, Mostly FREE!

Had enough festivals yet? Of course you haven't! It's summer! Time for food on a stick and hot sweaty bouncehouses! There are fests in Hoboken, Middletown, Tenafly and the Shore this weekend, but if you don't feel like walking through ten thousand other people to get your Zeppole, you can also count fireflies for a scientific study, let your kid become a Junior Zookeeper, or watch a cool old-fashioned baseball game being played. We love summer, we really do. Food on a stick and all.

Your NJ Weekend July 16-17: Bastille Day, Bratwurst, Bands, Boats, Basketweaving and More–Mostly FREE!

Music lovers and gourmands, ready yourselves for a weekend filled with more treats and tunes than you can take!  Foodies take their pick from an ice cream festival ‘down the shore; brats’n’brews in the Poconos and French fare in Frenchtown.  Music-minded folk’ll get their fix at fests featuring bluegrass-like “mountain music”; polka bands; jazz and more. There’s also outdoor love this weekend, including a City of Water Day Festival at Liberty State Park, a drop-off naturalist program, and an 1800's village to explore.  With all that’s going on, you’ll be longing for a weekend to recover from your weekend!

One Great Day in NJ: The Morris Museum

Nestled within the great town of Morristown is Morris County’s hidden gem: The Morris Museum.  This medium- sized kid-friendly museum has undergone a huge transformation over the last few years and has become one of my family’s favorite destinations, combining art, culture and interactive exhibits. We experienced “one great day” at the Morris Museum on the Morris County free museum day.

Weekend events July 9-10: FREE Fests, ‘Stocks, BBQ and Camp Muckalucka!

New Jersey is humming with summer activity this weekend, so choose your fest or ‘stock wisely. Do your festival tastes run more toward a giant sloppy barbecue contest or a much more dignified music and art offering? Are you up for Beachstock or Maplewoodstock? Or maybe you’d rather see T-Bone Stankus' hilarious one-man show or just eat ice cream all day. Choices, choices. That’s what summer is all about.


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