Kid-Friendly Comic Book Shops in Northern New Jersey

Boom! Pow! Crash! Zap! If your kid's hero is more Tony Stark than LeBron James, finding a local comic book shop is a must. Just think of all the cool things your kid can learn through reading comic books: the battle of good and evil, visual storytelling, hilarious (intentional and unintentional) dialogue, and how to rock a cape. Read on for quotes and recommendations from some Jersey comic book store owners and a listing of great Northern NJ stores.

Horseback Riding in New Jersey

If your family is in the mood to try a new sport, why not opt for horseback riding? From Monmouth County to Sussex County, New Jersey’s vast farmland hosts a variety of riding stables and private horseback riding lessons for the entire family to enjoy, and summer riding camps for the kids. There's even a number of therapeutic riding centers in our fair state. So, get out and giddy up!

Top Five Family Friendly Burgers in Northern NJ

The hot weather is approaching, which means endless days of potato salad, hot dogs and of course, the perennial favorite, hamburgers. Before you gas up your own grill, check out some of New Jersey’s best family-friendly burger joints, all with an added bonus factor, such as a great kids' meal deal or the ability to get your burger wrapped in lettuce for a few saved calories. You’ll be inspired all summer long!


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