Join Mommy Poppins NJ at Metro Moms' Healthy and Green Halloween Bash (with a great GIVEAWAY)!

We love "green" and we love rhyming, so you bet we’re loving Green Halloween! Mommy Poppins NJ is excited to be participating in the Healthy and Green Halloween Bash with our pals, the Metro Moms. Dress the kids in costume for a weekend afternoon of healthy trick-or-treating, dancing, playing, games, natural organic products and treats, facepainting, arts & crafts and a super special secret GIVEAWAY just for MP NJ fans (read on for the super special secret details)!

Go, Dog, Go! at the Mile Square Theater

When you can capture the imaginations of a theater full of children with only a few actors, a few props and very few words, it seems that your play may be a hit. This is the case with MP fave Mile Square Theater's "Go, Dog, Go!" Gentle and unhurried, with bold colors, striking images, catchy music and tons of physical humor, "Go, Dog, Go!" is a breath of fresh air for our (not yours, of course, but somebody's) screen-obsessed kids.

Best New York City Views: 11 Spots to See and Photograph NYC

Visitors come to New York City from the world over to eat our pizza, feel our energy and marvel at our spectacular views. But even for us locals, NYC is an awe-inspiring sight (we just need to remember to slow down and take it in every once in a while).

While tourists routinely flock to the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock to literally look down on the city, there are less well known vantage points that also offer incredible views of NYC, including parks, promenades, museums and a tram. So grab your camera and get ready to fall in love with New York City for the first time—or all over again.

Things To Do With Kids This Weekend in NJ March 3-4: Maple Sugaring Festival, Pinkalicious, St. Patrick's Day Parade & More!

Hello there, March! Thrilled to see you and all the Spring-y goodness that awaits in the wings. Although we're still in the "Lion" part of the month, there's tons of fun to be had this weekend in NJ. Perhaps the Dr. Seuss Birthday Party at the NJ Children's Museum, or the Maple Sugaring Festival at the Great Swamp or maybe an early St. Patrick's Day in Belmar? Read on for all of our picks and you can always find more weekend activities in our Event Calendar. Enjoy welcoming March in style, NJ!

Things To Do With Kids This Weekend in NJ February 25-26: Dr. Seuss Storytime, The Little Mermaid, Family Night of Art & More!

For such a short month, February sure packs a punch with all of its holidays and celebrations. Now that we've said farewell to the 100th day of school, Groundhog Day, Super Bowl, Presidents' Day, and Mardi Gras - oh, what's a family with kids to do!?!? Well, thankfully there's still plenty happening in New Jersey to keep you and your kids occupied until the official spring thaw arrives, such as Science Saturday with Slime, Wetland Habitats, Peking Acrobats, or a Family Winter Nature Walk. Read on for all of our picks and remember, you can always find even more weekend activities in our Event Calendar. Enjoy these last few days of February, New Jersey!

Family-Friendly Restaurants (and even bars!) in Jersey City

As a parent, one of the most important things to master is dining out with your little ones. As they grow, it gets harder and harder and there are only so many improvised games that can be played with straws and sugar packets. Downtown Jersey City offers some great family-friendly restaurant options, so don’t live in fear–go out on the town, and take the kids with you!

GIVEAWAY! "It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play": Review and Free Tickets

For many of us, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” is as much a holiday tradition as hanging stockings or baking cookies for the full-figured man in red. I have seen the film many times and consider myself a “IAWL” purist, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a different version. Happy to report that the consistently excellent Mile Square Theater won me over with their charming “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play”. Read on for my review and a chance to win tickets to this Wonderful show.

Farmers Markets in Jersey City: Savor the last of the season

With leaves falling from the trees, temperatures dropping and holiday decorations strung up, autumn is quickly on its way out, and so are Jersey City’s wonderful farmers markets. The abundance of berries, zucchini and tomatoes that we cherish in the summer and early fall are hard to come by as the winter months close in, but three of the markets in Jersey City are still open for just a few more weeks. Savor the last of the season and try a few new recipes!

Holiday Shows for Kids in New Jersey: “The Toymaker’s Apprentice”.

Yes, we’ve been wearing t-shirts, but it’s officially the holidays, nonetheless. Make special memories with your kids by taking them to a holiday show in NJ! Nutcrackers and Christmas Carols abound, but there are other options as well, and we will do our best to find the fun ones out there, starting with “The Toymaker’s Apprentice” at Hudson Theater Ensemble’s Children’s Series “Silly on Sixth”.

“Math Midway” at Liberty Science Center

I know that for some people, mathematics is the supreme beauty of the universe; let me just say that I am not one of these people. However, the new carnival-themed “Math Midway” exhibit at Liberty Science Center came very close to making me a believer. Colorful, marvelously interactive and just plain fun, Math Midway will appeal to all ages, with different levels of appreciation and comprehension.


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