Best Birthday Place Ideas for Girls in New Jersey

In the words of the great Cyndi Lauper, “Girls just wanna have fun!” We've told you about Best Birthday Party Ideas for Boys, and now it's the (miniature) women's turn. If you are looking for a fresh idea for your little lady’s upcoming celebration, check  out our ideas below. From a salon makeover to crafts to tea parties to a ballet lesson (or for our more hip chicks, a hip-hop class), there are endless options in the Garden State. And for more party ideas, visit our complete Birthday Guide!


Go to NYC in style and comfort on NY Waterway

When I'm shlepping myself and two kids to NYC, I gird my loins for a hot descent into the PATH, a motion-sickness-inducing ride on the bus or mind-numbing traffic in the tunnel. But recently I met a friend to take the NY Waterway ferry to mid-town Manhattan and the experience was as different as, well... the difference between a nauseating bus ride and a lovely, fresh-air boat journey. Read on for the wonders of NY Waterway and their Summer Special for travel out of Port Imperial in Weehawken.

Cool Summer Museum Exhibits: Mega Model Trains & Grossology

We’re halfway through July, which means the dogs days of summer are quickly approaching (and may already be here, judging by the temperature). To beat the heat and humidity (and keep your sanity), check out one of the special exhibits at a local museum. You know we love The Morris Museum and Liberty Science Center and their summer exhibits Mega Model Trains and Grossology will keep your little ones entertained while you stay cool!

Get Jersey Fresh at One of Hudson County’s Farmer’s Markets

The days are warmer, the produce is ripening and it's a great time of year to get the kids involved in choosing healthy fresh food ingredients. You may not immediately think of Hudson County as offering many options in that department; we all know it offers close proximity to NYC, museums, fabulous restaurants, but the truth is Hudson County offers 12 fantastic Farmer’s Markets, so check out our list of Hudson County Farmer’s Markets by city and get Jersey Fresh with your NJ kids and families!

LEGO Classes and Activities in New Jersey

Yes, they don't feel great when you step on them in your bare feet, but other than that, who doesn't love LEGOs? From confidence building to fractions, creativity to party-play, to the plain old joy of building something cool, the world of LEGOs continues to grow in popularity.  Based on the famous LEGO brick, these New Jersey activities and classes combine play time with learning. So put on your shoes and head out for fun!

Science Fun for All Ages: New Jersey's Liberty Science Center

There’s no denying the fact that NYC has some pretty spectacular children’s museums – and we New Jersey-ites can trek into the city by car, train or boat to explore all that Manhattan has to offer. But what about this side of the Hudson?  What’s a NJ kid to do when mom & dad are looking to stay local? Enter the Liberty Science Center. This 4 story gem is packed with educational exhibits, special events and even an IMAX theater. Best of all, there's something for each age group: On a recent rainy Friday morning visit, my 10 month old played peek-a-boo in a mirrored toy at the Curious George exhibit, my 3 year old experimented with measurement at a gigantic rice-filled table and I even learned a thing or two about the complex ecology system happening right in the Hudson River (despite my often fuzzy 'mom brain')! So indulge your inner science geek and check out these must-see exhibits at New Jersey’s Liberty Science Center.

Fun Cooking Classes for NJ Kids at Bambino Chef

After being stuck indoors for months now with your kids, this time of year can seem like a never ending saga, leaving even the most innovative parents desperate for new and interesting things to do. Plus, it can be challenging to find something suitable for the younger crowd. If you've got a kid that perks up every time Mom pulls out a mixing bowl, or even if you just want to shake things up a bit for your non-foodies, head over to Bambino Chef and take a cooking class!

Library Programs in Northern New Jersey

Community libraries are a wonderful resource for families. From story time to special clubs and fun events, they offer a wide variety of programs that appeal to all ages. Libraries are especially wonderful during the cold winter months when you need somewhere to escape with the kids for a few hours. We’ve rounded up some of the best activities currently scheduled at Northern NJ libraries—read on for some great suggestions to keep your family busy this winter.

Day Trips and Mini-Camps for Christmas Break in NJ

We've already told you about some fun things to do with the kids next week when they’re home with you 24/7, but we have a few more up our sleeve, everything from special stuff you can do together to cool spots where you can drop them off and enjoy some alone time.  Read on for our top picks, including museum adventures, day trips and several mini-camps to keep 'em busy.

Kid-Friendly Comic Book Shops in Northern New Jersey

Boom! Pow! Crash! Zap! If your kid's hero is more Tony Stark than LeBron James, finding a local comic book shop is a must. Just think of all the cool things your kid can learn through reading comic books: the battle of good and evil, visual storytelling, hilarious (intentional and unintentional) dialogue, and how to rock a cape. Read on for quotes and recommendations from some Jersey comic book store owners and a listing of great Northern NJ stores.


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