Best Fashion Classes for NJ Kids and Teens

Kids can be little trendsetters and fashionistas, and when it comes to their wardrobe, they definitely what they like and don't like. If your child has a keen interest in fashion and sewing, and vows to attend a fashion-oriented college someday, perhaps they'd be interested in one of New Jersey's kid-friendly fashion design classes. Here's a list of the top programs that your budding Rachel Roy or Zac Posen (Hey, you never know, right?!) may find engaging and informative. It's fun for kids to tap into their creativity-- and they can get their paint on, too!

Earth Day Family-Friendly Fun in NJ

Earth Day isn’t just a celebration of all things green; it’s a movement. By fostering awareness and supporting environmental protection, Earth Day is helping to shape a green generation. From hiking beautiful New Jersey trails to celebrations in various counties, our little ones appreciate Mother Earth for all she has to offer. We've rounded up fun and eco-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day this spring in New Jersey.

New Jersey Theater Alliance Stages Festival: Your Guide to Kid-Friendly Shows

If you'd like to introduce your kids to the magic of theater, check out the performances and theater-related activities that are a part of the 2016 New Jersey Theatre Alliance Stages Festival. With over 80 kid-friendly performances, workshops, classes, and camp samplers offered throughout New Jersey free or at low-cost, The Stages Festival is the perfect introduction to professional theater for children of all ages.  All events are produced by the professional theaters of New Jersey. According to Ruth Zamoyta, the New Jersey Theatre Alliance Stages' Development & Communications Director, parents love live performances because "they get the kids off the computer, off the phone, and even away from the screens that you find on the TV or in the movie theater."  She adds,  when it comes to the workshops, mini-camps, and classes, "kids get to express themselves freely and creatively. In all Stages events, participants come away with a feeling of togetherness--live theatre is a shared experience, and the workshops and classes are collaborative."

One-Hour Family Vacation: National Parks Adventure in IMAX 3D

There is nothing quite like a milestone birthday. In 2016 The National Parks service turns 100. Thanks to the prescient collaboration of President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir, 400 plus sites have been preserved for generations to enjoy as national parks. In honor of these natural landmarks’ first century, McGillivray Freeman Films and IMAX 3D have produced a spectacular movie, America Wild: National Parks Adventure. It's an IMAX film to watch as a family and then plan your next vacation.

Play Spaces, Museums, and Aquariums: 10 Educational and Fun Winter Outings

The holidays are behind us but there are still a couple of months before spring is sprung, and it can be a challenge to fill up these lazy, winter days. As a mom to three young kids, I'm all for cozy afternoons watching movies, play-doh sessions in our pjs and finger painting to pass the hours. But sometimes, we need a change of scenery! A chance to get out of the house, explore, learn and fill another gray and chilly day. Fortunately, New Jersey offers up some awesome indoor activities. Bundle up, pile the gang into the car and check out our top 10 fun and educational picks.

Super Fun Indoor Summer Camps in NJ

So "summer camp" means being outdoors, right? But maybe your kid would rather dance, bounce, create, or paint in lovely, reliable air-conditioning. These indoor summer camps are big on creativity, fitness, and fun—and easy on your wallet—so maybe you can save the swimming and horseback riding for another summer. To find more New Jersey summer camps, be sure to check out our Camp Guide and Full Directory of Listings

The Best Indoor Shopping Malls for Families in New Jersey

Our family pretty much steers clear of New Jersey shopping malls from November through early January; we treat any holiday excursions like military missions, get in, get the job done and get out! But once the holiday shopping is over, I visit the malls with my husband and daughter again, where we enjoy leisurely browsing, relaxing late lunches, and even hop on a carousel or two. So load up the SUV, get out of the cold and gear up for an outing at these family-friendly New Jersey malls.

Independent Toy Stores in New Jersey

I’ll be the first to admit that big box toy retailers have their place. When my daughter wants something generic like a Dora Play Kitchen, or I get very strict instructions from our 4 year old nephew about which Transformer action figure he wants for his birthday, I can honestly say there’s no better place to shop. But amid the fluorescent lights and impersonal service, there’s a part of me that finds mega toy warehouses just a wee bit depressing. There’s something so old-school and refreshing about walking into a small “mom & pop” toy shop to browse unique gifts and – imagine this - actually receiving genuine help from the staff.

Family-Friendly Happy Hours in New Jersey

If you have children, you know the hours between 4pm and 6pm are particularly difficult. Referred to as "the witching hours" by many parents, this stretch of time (after naptime, but before dinner and bath time) can be hard to fill, leading to bored, whiny kids and grouchy moms and dads. If you're tired of wracking your brain for late afternoon activities, it might be time to take advantage of your local eateries Happy Hour specials. Enjoy a cocktail and some kid-friendly appetizers with a few friends. The kids will love the change of scenery and parents will enjoy the discounted treats and time to socialize. We've put together a great list of family-friendly restaurants where you can turn the "witching hour" into a happy hour for the entire family.

Ten Great NJ Activities To Do During Your Baby's First Summer

If you're a new mom, you've probably noticed that the "lazy days of summer" aren't quite as relaxing as they once were. Beach bags stocked with little more than sunscreen and a good book have been replaced with wagons full of swim diapers and baby gear. Finding things to do that are fun for both mom and baby on a hot, sticky summer day can be tough. Luckily, we've come up with a list of great activities that will make your babies first summer a memorable one.


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