En Garde! Fencing Schools and Camps in New Jersey

Give most children a stick, and inevitably it will become a sword. My children love battling it out with everything from wrapping paper tubes to broomsticks. Why not turn that love of battle into a great form of exercise for your kids? As a mother of a fairly coordinated kid who hates the idea of baseball, soccer, and football, I've come to realize that classes in an individual sports like karate or fencing might be the best way to get him sweating. Fencing is just the right mix of imagination and sport; kids love the cool swordplay, and parents love the discipline, coordination, and logical thinking that fencing lessons provide. If you are looking for a fun new sport for your kids, take a stab at fencing at one of these amazing fencing schools right here in New Jersey. For more great summer camps, check out our New Jersey Summer Day Camp Guide.

Great Small Towns in NJ: Bernardsville

Nestled in the northern most part of Somerset County, Bernardsville is a charming town that boasts scenic landscapes and a peaceful ambiance.  Rich in historical significance, the town has had several notable residents including Brook Astor, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis and Meryl Streep.  Today, abundant parks and playgrounds as well as annual events and a lovely downtown make Bernardsville a great destination year round. Below are a few great reasons to check out this wonderful little town.  For more great small towns in New Jersey, check out the rest of our Great Small Towns series including posts on Chester and Nutley.

Great Sewing Classes and Camps in Central New Jersey

Do you have a crafty kid in your home? It might be time to introduce them to the wonderful world of sewing. By learning to use a sewing machine, children can begin to design their own clothes, stuffed animals and accessories. In addition, sewing helps kids develop problem solving skills, strong motor skills and attention to detail. Central NJ is home to some wonderful sewing schools that offer after school classes and summer camps. For more summer camp ideas for creative kids, check out our post on Central New Jersey Summer Art Camps.

Best Family-Friendly Hotel Brunches in New Jersey

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday is by getting my family all dressed up and going out for a great brunch.  My husband and children are what you might call "foodies", and giving them the opportunity to pick and choose from a bountiful buffet or design their own omelets (none of which I have to prepare) makes for an enjoyable outing for all of us.  New Jersey is home to tons of great brunch spots, but some of the best brunches in the state are located in our beautiful hotels.  Great customer service, a bountiful menu and beautiful decor make these hotel brunches standouts.  Just in time for Mother's Day, our list features some great hotel brunches throughout the Garden State.  If you are interested in heading into New York City for brunch, check out our post on New York City Hotel Brunches.

New Jersey Kids Birthday Parties: Dress-up Party Services for Your Little Princess

Even though my daughter's birthday is in December; I'm already thinking about her next birthday party! Thankfully, the New Jersey Kids' Party Ideas Guide is here to help me nail down the perfect venue for my princess. And speaking of princesses...does your daughter enjoy dressing up in beautiful costumes and dream of being a princess? If so, chances are she’d love a dress-up princess party for her next birthday.

Creative Birthday Parties in New Jersey: Somerset County

Every year for our daughter’s birthday, I strive to come up with a party that is unique yet affordable. We go to so many parties it's difficult to find something that hasn’t already been done, but it seems that the days of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in your living room are officially gone. Today’s parties are action-packed, craft-oriented, and even educational! For fun party ideas throughout New Jersey, check out the NJ Kids' Birthday Party Ideas Guide. Here are some great ones in and around Somerset County.

Oh Baby! Fitness: Bonding & a Workout for New Moms and Babies

Between spit-up-filled days and sleep-deprived nights, finding time to work out with a baby at home can feel like mission impossible. Luckily for New Jersey mothers, Branchburg Sports Complex is now offering Oh Baby! Fitness Classes, where new mothers can work out with their children, while also bonding with other moms.

Great Birthday Parties for Crafty NJ Kids

As my daughter’s 6th birthday approaches, I am scrambling to find an entertaining and unique party location. My house is small, so a home party is not an option (plus the mess and clean up. Ugh!). A party that would involve the 3 F’s, food, favors and fun, seems like the perfect formula for NJ kids and their party-planning moms. How about a make-your-own-craft party? New Jersey has a variety of studios that offer make-and-take crafts for your little Picasso. Aspiring painters, potters, glassmakers, and jewelers can satisfy their creative side. The best part is that the finished masterpiece becomes your built-in favor! Check out some of our favorite New Jersey arts'n'crafts studios. And for even more fab ideas, check out our NJ Kids' Birthday Party Ideas Guide.

New Jersey's Dine-In Movie Theaters

If you’re looking for a fun outing with the kids, a dine-in movie theater can be a great way to combine seeing a movie with enjoying a meal. These theaters show the latest kid-friendly movies on the big screen and offer delicious food that’s delivered right to your seat. Super fun for the kids and no cooking or clean up for the parents! (FYI, two of the locations also host adults-only screenings if you want to ditch the kids and head out for date night.)

Rock Climbing Classes and Centers in Northern NJ

With all of this snow and more on its way, my kids are climbing the walls…literally. We need to get out of the house and get moving. Ice skating is an option, or skiing, but what if we want to move and still stay indoors? Rock climbing is the perfect mix of family-friendly fun, indoor temperatures, team building and exercise. Check out these Northern New Jersey facilities for open climb, beginners classes and more!


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