10 Ways To Turn a Winter in NJ into Virtual Summer

Now that New Jersey's in a deep freeze, is anyone itching for warm weather, beaches and swimming? While there are plenty of fun winter activities, I can’t help feeling like Olaf and dreaming of everything summer. Don’t let the cold keep you indoors and stop you from doing those summer activities you love. With warm clothing and a little imagination, there are ways to experience summer-type fun in the winter. So get out your bathing suit (perhaps covered with your winter coat), and pretend it’s summer in January.

Great Ways to Celebrate a Holiday Birthday in NJ

Birthday party planning is never simple. Throw in the added fun of planning a party during the holidays and busy parents might lose their minds. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for November and December birthdays to get lost among all of the other holiday celebrations. Luckily, New Jersey offers some great ways to make your little one's birthday special no matter when it is. We have some great birthday ideas that will make your kids happy to celebrate their special day during the holiday season. For more great year round birthday party ideas check out our Birthday Party Guide.

Camps & Activities for the NJ Teachers' Convention on November 6 & 7

New Jersey schools are closed November 6th and 7th for the annual New Jersey Education Association convention. Still have to work and wondering what to do with the kids for the day? Or just hoping to keep them occupied? We’ve got the skinny on ten fabulous camps and programs for NJ kids, whether they’re artsy, outdoorsy or athletic. And if you're planning to take the day off too, visit our NJ Staycation post to find lots of fun ideas for local adventures.

Best Spraygrounds in Central and Southern New Jersey

Beat the summer heat at one of New Jersey’s spectacular water playgrounds, known as spraygrounds. On a hot summer day, my kids last 10 minutes on a conventional playground. Add some water play to the mix and we have a low-cost, low-maintenance day of fun. Spray parks and splash pads are popping up all over the state. Most of these water playgrounds are free or inexpensive and can be enjoyed by all ages. Get wet at these Central and Southern New Jersey spraygrounds, including some newcomers. For more water fun throughout the state, check out the Best Water Playgrounds in NJ and 6 Awesome New Jersey Water Parks.

The Best Scrapbooking Classes in New Jersey

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby for those who love to collect mementos and look forward to creating new memories. Moms often create scrapbooks for their little ones. Just as fun as a sticker book (remember those?!), scrapbooks made for babies are intended to be enjoyed years later when your babies have their own babies someday! Every item inside a scrapbook—whether it’s baby’s hospital ID bracelet, or a snippet of hair from baby’s first haircut—tells a special story. Here are some boutiques and store in the Garden State that carry a plethora of colorful scrapbook items. Be sure to also enroll in a scrapbook class to improve your craft! For more great classes throughout the state, check out the Enrichment Programs, Classes and Activities Guide for NJ Kids.

Unique NJ: Some Unusual Summer Activities and Day Trips for Families

School’s out for summer! Now that the kids are home full-time, it can be somewhat challenging to find new ways to keep them busy every day. Yes, there’s always the playground and the beach, but those looking for something different this summer will find that New Jersey is full of surprises. How about visiting the six-story tall elephant in Atlantic County? Or getting up close and personal with wolves in Warren County? Here’s the scoop on seven of New Jersey’s most unique destinations…there are plenty of fun ways to occupy everyone until September rolls around! And for even more summer awesomeness, check out our New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide.

Best New Jersey Bike Shops for Kids

I will never forget my first bike—it was a yellow Schwinn with pink ribbons around the handlebars. My patient father showed me how to cycle around our suburban New York neighborhood when I was seven! New Jersey is a very active state for bike enthusiasts of all ages. Below is a list of bike shops in New Jersey that sell bikes for girls and boys of all ages—with and without training wheels. And, of course, do NOT forget your helmets when bike riding with family and friendly. Safety first; no exceptions! For even more summer awesomeness, check out our New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide.

Great Sewing Classes and Camps in Central New Jersey

Do you have a crafty kid in your home? It might be time to introduce them to the wonderful world of sewing. By learning to use a sewing machine, children can begin to design their own clothes, stuffed animals and accessories. In addition, sewing helps kids develop problem solving skills, strong motor skills and attention to detail. Central NJ is home to some wonderful sewing schools that offer after school classes and summer camps. For more summer camp ideas for creative kids, check out our post on Central New Jersey Summer Art Camps.

Best Indoor Play Spaces in Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington Counties

This bitterly cold winter has left many parents looking for ways to entertain their stir-crazy kids. On days when heading to the local park isn't an option, indoor play spaces can be a parents best friend.  If your little monkeys are bouncing off of the walls, some of the indoor  entertainment options listed below might just give you a few hours to catch your breath.  For even more ideas, visit our Indoor Play and Rainy Day Activity Guide.

Best Birthday Place Ideas for Girls in New Jersey

In the words of the great Cyndi Lauper, “Girls just wanna have fun!” We've told you about Best Birthday Party Ideas for Boys, and now it's the (miniature) women's turn. If you are looking for a fresh idea for your little lady’s upcoming celebration, check  out our ideas below. From a salon makeover to crafts to tea parties to a ballet lesson (or for our more hip chicks, a hip-hop class), there are endless options in the Garden State. And for more party ideas, visit our complete Birthday Guide!



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