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LA's Annenberg PetSpace Now Has a Summer Camp for Animal-Lovers

Where can animal-obsessed kiddos improve their cat selfie skills, help pups perfect fetch and roll over, and interact with adorable adoptable pets every day? On its mission to strengthen the bond between people and pets, LA's new Annenberg PetSpace is hosting a series of week-long summer camps (for kids ages 9 to 12) that are filled with demonstrations, crafts, educational games, and of course loads of animal encounters.

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Boysenberries, Cherry Blossoms, Mariachi Women, and Bunnies

I hope you've planted your eggs, because Holy Peeps! It's Easter this weekend! Or maybe it's just... April Fools! Or maybe, to extend this prank, it's Not Even April yet—but in the ultimate unexpected double switcheroo plot twist, Easter is starting, at least as far as the plethora of spring/ egg/ bunny activities that come our way this time of year.

Starting now, you can ride the rails, work the fields, ride the rides, and most importantly meet the bunnies—all in the name of vernal appreciation.  

For other fun, be sure to check our calendar for some berry fine opportunities. You can round the bases with the boys of spring or find your Irish side with the mujeres mariachi, Wonder of wonders, you can see an elephant fly, explore the space between heaven and earth, and perhaps the greatest wonder of all: you can see your world.... unplugged.

For the record, Easter is April 21. You've got time. Ish.

Keep reading for our springiest picks for this weekend.....

10 Kid-Friendly Hollywood Restaurants

Hollywood is full of things to do with kids—we have collected 25 of them—and you can easily spend the entire day. Which means you will need food! Hollywood is also full of restaurants. But once you weed out the fast food chains and big tourist chains, there are still plenty of kid-friendly local chains and independent restaurants, and we have selected 10 options. There is something for you if you want something quick, something historic or old-timey, or something new and fun. And even if your kids are picky eaters or have food allergies, they will enjoy something from this list!

15 Super Easy April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids

There are few things more satisfying than pulling a fast one on your own kid, but elaborate prep work is sure to sap the fun out of any good April Fools' Day joke. In the past, we've shared ideas for old-school gags and fun tricks to play on children, but more recently, we've found that the very best pranks are also the simplest.

Here, we run down 15 easy ways to show kids that we still have the upper hand—at least when it comes to April Fools' Day!

40+ Easter Egg Hunts and Bunny Events for Kids in LA and Orange County

Some of us have lovely gardens and the inclination to creatively hide eggs in them early on a Sunday morning. Others have an inclination to sleep late and find eggs hidden in someone else's garden. We find no shame in that and are more than happy to help guide you to lots of places where Peter Cottontail has evidently just been moments before. Most of the egg hunts below take place Easter weekend; keep an eye on our Event Calendar for last-minute additions, and check out these other places to find the Easter Bunny for more photo ops!

Spring Break Camps: 14 Fun Solutions for April Vacation around LA

Spring Break around Los Angeles is a moving feast; some districts have one week, and some have two. Some take a vacation in March, and some in April. Add to the mix the complications of Easter, Passover, and parent work schedules, and Spring Break camp can be a tough knot to untie. Whether your family needs two weeks full time or a day here and there, we've chosen a few of our favorites that run the gamut. From the Valley to the sea, surfing to soccer, we think you'll find something worthy of a few days away from school among the camps below.

And if you're so on the ball that spring is already covered and you've moved on to summer, check out some of our favorite art, cooking, horse, and classic outdoorsy camps in our Summer and Vacation Camp Guide!

15 Best Campgrounds for Tent Camping with Kids Near LA

Marshmallows. Check. Bug spray. Check. Air mattress. Check. Camping season is upon us. Hurrah! And thankfully in this multi-terrain region of ours, you don't need to go far to enjoy a night or two under the stars. A weekend without electronics, breathing fresh air, and enjoying meals over the campfire: all this can be yours without driving more than an hour or two—in some cases even less! Read on to find an easy destination for you and your happy campers. (And if the one you want is full this weekend, check out a few last minute camping spots.)

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Swallows, Peacocks, Marathon, and Airport Art

Parenting—it's a marathon. And a sprint. And a scrimmage. And a mad, chaotic free-for-all. Then again, sometimes a marathon is just a 26-mile excuse for Momma to get out of the house.

Remember last week when everyone was all "butterflies! butterflies everywhere!"? Not to be outdone, the swallows are making a show of their return from winter break and are getting a parade in welcome. With a 6000-mile flight from South America, I think they earned it! The peacocks are also getting a day in their honor, but they're not going anywhere—just standing around looking pretty.

Other creatures being celebrated this weekend include whales, faeries, Stooges, and vegans, not to mention artists, makers, and dream catcher makers. Bonus: these winning choices won't leave you gasping for breath with blisters on your blisters.

On your mark, get set, keep reading for our raciest picks for this weekend!

7 Single Parent Hacks for Entertaining Kids (and Staying Sane) Every Day of the Week

March 21st is National Single Parent Day. Yes, that's a thing. It even has a hashtag #NationalSingleParentDay. Yipeee, let's celebrate you! The holiday was created in 1984 to "honor the sacrifices and diligent work of single parents across our country" with the hopes that it would become just as popular as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Okay, that's pretty cool. Except, you know, when you're single... there's no one to actually go out and get you roses or candy or take you to dinner or even draw you a bath...on National Single Parent Day, on Mother's Day, on Father's Day, or any other day... because, you're SINGLE. But you deserve to be celebrated—if not with roses then at least with a few helpful hacks to get through the week.


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