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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Cookies, Carnival, Whales, and Valentines

​Question for you: Is this Valentine’s weekend or isn’t it? The answer, of course, is that technically, it is not. The actual Bella Notte is next Wednesday, but by next weekend we’ll be sooo over that. Plus, if you’re hoping to inspire someone to get you a super awesome gift (hint: cookies), now’s the time to do it.

Unquestionably, this is a weekend filled with love. Love for others; love for purple, gold, and green; love for cetaceans, and love expressed in iambic pentameter. Love of dance, opera, and kindie rock, love of classic flicks and bunnies and Dogs and flowers.

And whatever they get you, most likely a handmade gift from the heart, I am sure it will be the perfect thing. (Reminder: cookies)

Keep reading for our most beloved picks for this weekend.

Is LA's Weirdest Restaurant Worth a Trip Downtown with Kids?

Whether you're old enough to remember Clifton's Cafeteria before the major remodel, or just a touch leery of dragging little kids through the bustle of Downtown, there's no quirkier spot to indulge in comfort food than Clifton's. An outing to DTLA with kids takes some planning, and it wouldn't be complete without a stop at Clifton's, which is something of a little kid playground—but one rich in history and enough taxidermied animals to compete with the Natural History Museum. Visiting Clifton's and its Cabinet of Curiosities can be a family adventure kids will remember—and beg to repeat.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs: Where Playing in the Mud Is a Treat for Mama

Kids love getting into mud about as much as moms usually dread the sight of it. But don't make the mistake of reducing mud to a simple laundry nightmare. LA mamas have long found the mud baths at Glen Ivy Hot Springs to be rejuvenating, good for their skin and, yes, even fun to play in. You could invite your so-grown-up teen to take a spa day with you (no one under 16 allowed!), or you could just leave the posse with Papa and run for the hills on your own. Either way, a day escape to Glen Ivy Spa is an Angeleno secret worth knowing.

Free in February: 23 Things To Do that Don't Cost a Thing

Yes, it's the month with Valentine's Day smack in the middle, but that doesn't mean every day has to be strictly focused on hearts and flowers (unless you and your little ones want it to be). In a month full of eclectic holidays, it isn't hard to find some free fun for the whole family. From Chinese New Year to Black History Month, President’s Day to Mardi Gras, LA. is hopping in February, and it won’t break the bank to join in. So put down the box of chocolates (momentarily) and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Audio Stories That Entertain Kids Anytime and Anywhere from Pinna

The screen time struggle is real. So, I can't imagine I'm the only parent who's quite literally all ears when they hear that kids' podcasts and audiobooks are officially a thing now. On-demand audio programming certainly feels like the perfect way to bring some screen-free entertainment to playtime, add a little excitement to the bath, or even just wind down before bed, but finding awesome options for kids can be really hard. Enter a new subscription-based service called Pinna, which is packed with Peabody-winning original series, popular podcasts, and favorite audiobooks for listeners ages 4 to 12 — and zero commercials — making it a major parenting win. Read on to find out more and get a free 7-day membership to try it out.

LA Gets Its Own Cat Cafe—Where Kids Can Play and Cuddle with Kitties

If the internet really is just a vehicle for cat videos, then LA gets the ultimate internet cafe this weekend. Cat cafes have been a thing in New York for a while, but Angelenos have had to wait for someone to jump through the hoops required to open a haven of kitties and caffeine in here LA. The wait is over, and this weekend CatCafe Lounge opens its doors in West LA, inviting cats and cat-lovers to curl up together over a tasty drink and a toy mouse.

Neon Retro Arcade Brings Old School Video Games to Northridge

When I heard Pasadena's popular Neon Retro Arcade was opening a second location in Northridge, I was psyched. I figured it would be a big hit with CSUN students as well as grown-ups of a certain age (ahem) who fondly remember joysticks and token play. What I wasn't sure about was whether little kids who are used to playing console games on living room wide-screen TVs would be as interested in their parents' pixelated playthings. 

10 Traditional Outdoor Summer Camps for LA Kids

Los Angeles is blessed with a whole bunch of summer camps (just check our camp guide and directory). Parents with kids who are driven to spend their summers focusing on their music, their art, their particular sport, science, or even cooking have all the options they could wish. But sometimes summer needs to be about good old-fashioned swing-on-a-rope, splash-in-a-pool type fun. Sometimes what our kids really need is to spend a couple of weeks in the fresh air doing things that won't necessarily fill a college application, but sure will fill a memory book. For those types of summers, we offer 10 great summer day camps that are all about playing outdoors.

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Lunar New Year, Snow White, and the Otter Bowl

Oh, February. You may be our shortest month, but you are also the sweetest. You are jam packed with holidays galore—and are a holiday unto yourself.

So, what good things will we find in the small package that is this weekend? Festivals, parties (birthday and tea), Pokemon, and pirates. Opera and improv, acrobats and Mummenshanz. Your kiddo can learn all kinds of kitchen skills. Want to get the kids out in nature? We've got just the things for that. Want them out of your hair the house this summer? We've got just the things for that, too!

Of course, this weekend is the Big Game (if you can stand to watch a bunch of animals tackling each other). This weekend also sees some early Lunar New Year celebrations (it's a dog of a holiday). And, of course, the sweetest small things this weekend are our own precious little ones. (Can you tell this Momma's angling for some sweet things for Valentine's Day, a mere two weeks away?)

Keep reading for our small list of sweet picks for this weekend.

February GoList: Best Things To Do with LA Kids

February is a time to appreciate where we live perhaps more than any other—not simply because of the opportunity to celebrate the valentinespresidentsparades, and whales below, but also because we live in a place where we can ski if we want to without ever having to move our cars out of the way of snowplows. Our hearts go out to our friends and family in other states, of course; they really should come to visit. We'll use our weekend event roundups, our 100 Things List, and this February GoList to show them a good time, while they escape that winter thing they're all wound up about.

All of the cooler-than-cool activities below are on our daily events calendar, but a little extra notice helps to make sure your kids don't miss out. Click through to the full listings so that you can automatically add them to your calendar. Happy February!


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