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Indie Toy Stores: LA's Best Spots To Shop for Toys

Toys. Kids love ‘em; parents wish they would put them away. But in this the age of electronics, we can all agree that a good old-fashioned manipulative beats a device with a screen any day. With even big toy store chains like FAO Schwartz and Toys 'R' Us closing shop, it's time for us to rally and support the local toy stores we love if we want them to be here next year—particularly the ones where you find an unusual gift just when you need it.

April GoList: Best Things To Do with LA and OC Kids This Month

Our picks for April are in, and we've chosen a dozen plus of the most special activities from our Event Calendar, including literary outings, a pow-wow, and escapes into the mists of time. Of course, we'll send our newsletters with even more ideas as the weeks unfold, and we'll keep adding to our calendar daily; but we want to give you enough time to snag tickets for some of these extra special events in advance—or leave your day open—so you don't miss out on any favorites.

Click through to the full listings, and you can automatically add them to your personal calendar.

Fun & Free Easter Weekend Events for LA Kids: All About Eggs, March 31-April 1

Think there won't be any egg hunts on April Fools Day? Well, the yolk's on you, because, no foolin: it's Easter!

Everywhere you look, there's an Easter egg hunt to be found. Under that tree: an egg hunt. Behind the bushes, there’s one more. In fact, I see dozens of them, and you can find them in our Easter egg hunt round-up! Grab your basket and collect them all (but make sure you leave enough for the other mommies).

See, here’s the deal: There is literally an egg hunt on every block, every corner, every square inch of Los Angeles this weekend. And every egg that you find? You open it up and—surprise!—it tells you about another egg hunt. Some egg hunts are in gardens; some are in malls; some are on the farm; some come with breakfast. (Eggs and breakfast? Weird.)  

Actually, the trick this weekend is going to be not finding an egg hunt. There are a few other things out there: you might luck onto revolutionary sing-alongs, March science, out-of-this-world moviesgolden meatballs, open streetsbubblescomets, and...

EggsEggy egg eggsLots and lots of eggs.

Hop on over to our most egg-citing picks for this weekend…

San Diego: More than 50 Fun Things To Do with Kids

Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, San Diego is a great place to spend some time. What better weekend is there than the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorldLegoland, and the Safari Park? Wherever you live, the SoCal town with the nation's most perfect weather can be a great weekend getaway for families. I grew up going to the Zoo and Sea World, but there are many other ways to enjoy our southern-most county.

Jumping Around at Orange County's Latest Extreme Sports Park

Bouncing off the walls in Orange County just got a whole lot more interesting. We recently checked out Circus Trix, Mission Hills' latest and greatest extreme sports park. Part trampoline park, part aerial sports gym, part Ninja Warrior training course, this place offers thrill-seeking kiddos plenty of opportunities to take flight. We went on a mission to see just how many ways a kid could could bounce there.

Dragon's Breath: Liquid Nitrogen Is Cool, But Is It OK To Eat?

What started out an obscure and edgy treat in Koreatown a year or so ago has recently become a trendy dessert sweeping many corners of LA: Dragon's Breath. That's the name given to a frozen snack made by dipping some small, sweet bite (usually a cereal-like puff) into liquid nitrogen. If it sounds more like a science experiment than a dessert, it kind of is. But K-town's Chocolate Chair turned Dragon's Breath into a must-try confection on every tween and teen's to do list (not to mention their Snapchat and Instagram feeds). As the trend works its way down from big kids to little ones, and from obscure to mainstream, parents need to be in the know—and ready to answer the question, "Is it OK for my kid to eat liquid nitrogen?"

10 Best Beaches near Disneyland, for a Break from Mouse Madness

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but eventually even the most enthusiastic Disney fans need a break from crowded shows, long lines, and sugary treats. When your little princess or prince melts down for the third day in a row because the line to meet Cinderella is longer than your trip home, it may be time to take a breather on the beach.

27 Fun Things in Hollywood that Kids Love To Do

We say, "Hooray for Hollywood!" because it offers more than just glitz and glam, celebrity hangouts, expensive T-shirt shops, and infamous nightclubs. Believe it or not, Hollywood is also a go-to destination with kids in tow—from hiking to the Hollywood sign to watching Wonder Woman get her Walk of Fame star. Feeling skeptical? Have a look at our 27 favorite things to do in and around Tinsel Town. And if you've got out-of-town guests looking for Hollywood movie sightseeing, we've got that covered, too.

(Thinking bigger than just Hollywood? Check out out list of 101 Things To Do in LA with Kids!)

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Bubbles, Peacocks, Airport Artwalk, and King Tut

Think about time: consider the simple bubble, perfect in its creation but gone in an instant. Ponder the boy who was never a man but became a king. He lived but a moment but is remembered for the ages. (And he had Really. Cool. Stuff.)

How are you using your time? For one morning you can make your voice heard: take to the streets and let everyone know how you feel. Take a moment to honor others who made a difference. In this time of change, you can greet the season with rides and maybe a free tree.

How is your energy being spent this weekend? For one hour you can conserve it: shut off the lights and give the earth a rest. (Use the moment to listen to the stars perhaps.)

It's all about focus: if I give you wings, do you preen and strutDo you see the beauty? or do you take to the skies?

Whatever you choose to do, I'll be right here.

Keep reading for our timeliest picks for the weekend.


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