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Character Breakfasts at Disney's El Capitan: All That and a Side of Bacon

El Capitan is already our favorite place in LA to see a kids’ movie; but sometimes you want to go that extra mile. Or in this case, that extra meal. Character breakfasts at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store turn a day at the movies into a full-fledged special event. Kids get to spend some one-on-one time with a beloved Disney princess (or pirate or monster) and take home a commemorative photo - plus the whole family gets to fill their tummies.

Stars on Ice: Then and Now Tour with Dorothy Hamill (Review)

The Stars on Ice tour paid its annual skate-and-run visit to the Southland this past weekend. Figure skating buffs know Stars on Ice to be the ultimate skating show, while the uninitiated may never have seen an ice show that wasn't hosted by a giant mouse. For those who hesitate at the prospect of professional figure skating without a Disney Princess involved, think of Stars on Ice as something more akin to Cirque du Soleil on blades. It's a grand scale concept show that features fabulous costumes, inspiring music, and - above all - seemingly impossible physical feats. So what's not to love?

Fun & Free Things to Do with LA Kids this Weekend: Whales, Seuss and Odysseo

There is no greater star in the children’s literary world than Dr. Seuss (aka Theodor Geisel). His March 2 birthday is honored as National Read Across America Day, and his stories are being read all around town. So grab your well-worn copy of Cat in the Hat and get ready for a wild weekend. Oh the places you'll go... unless you need to take the 405, because they're doing that shut-down-the-freeway thing again (with a cute "keep two lanes open to create false hope" twist).

This is also a big weekend for whales (who are lucky because the 405 closure doesn't affect them). The gentle giants are feted in celebrations at Dana Point and Palos Verdes, and might even get a shout-out at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium's anniversary fest.

Also apparently unaffected by the 405 is February, because it done hightailed it outta here, which means it's time for our March Go List! One big recommendation this month is Cavalla: Odysseo (read our review of opening night)!

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Fun & Free Things to Do with LA Kids this Weekend: Lights, Camera, Purim! Feb 23- 24

It’s party time in LA this weekend. The Oscars only come once a year, and in this company town, we’re all celebrating! Folks are dressing in elaborate costumes, going on wild and wacky rides and indulging in a total carnival atmosphere. On the other hand, it’s Purim. So folks are dressing in elaborate costumes, going on wild and wacky rides and indulging in a total carnival atmosphere. (Paparazzi optional.)

You know what they say: it’s raining, it’s Purim. If this Purim (or any other day) is finds you seeking shelter from inclement elements, Mommy Poppins has you covered. Check out our roundup of free indoor rainy day activities, for hotspots sure to keep your kiddies entertained and raindrop-free.

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Chris Burden's Metropolis II at LACMA: Moving Sculpture for the Whole Family

If you were to hear that LACMA has gotten even more family-friendly and exciting for children, would you believe me?

Sometimes I sit back and think about how lucky we are in Los Angeles to have big, open museums that welcome children. The California Science Center continues to be one of the great places for hands-on museum experiences. The Natural History Museum combines exciting new exhibits with that old-school stuffed animal experience we remember from our childhoods. And then there's LACMA.

Geocaching with Kids: Scavenger Hunts Wherever You Roam

If you've got a smartphone, get ready to change your ringtone to the Indiana Jones theme; the adventure of geocaching is within your grasp, and it's one of technology's greatest gifts to modern parents. A free activity that can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime, geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt open to anyone with a GPS device or smartphone. Have half an hour to kill and a kid who's climbing the walls? There's probably a treasure hidden within walking distance of where you are. Need an activity that gets the whole family outside for the day? Pick a spot in the hills and hike there in search of secret booty. Either way, you won't be hearing anyone say, "I'm bored!"

Strawberry Shortcake Live: Follow Your Berry Own Beat - Review

Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat is a sweet, good-hearted show bursting with good will and friendship. Strawberry and her friends encourage kids with catchy songs and inspirational truisms.  Kids leave the theater knowing anything is possible if you follow your heart and are true to yourself. Even knowing all of this, it helps to have a few more details before bringing little ones to a large scale touring show. (That's why our Parents Reviews Guide covers so many touring shows.)

8 Great Presidents Day Camps for Los Angeles Kids

Presidents Day draws nigh, and doubtless many of you will be celebrating the lives and times of our forefathers in the traditional Southern Californian way: finding snow and sliding down it repeatedly, just like Honest Abe would have done. Parents who like to find meaning in days off from school might take advantage of the not-one-but-two Presidential Library Museums we have access to in the Southland; both the Nixon and Reagan Libraries celebrate the day with free festivities. But since not everyone can convince the boss that Presidents Day merits a snow day from work, some parents are bound to be looking for a day camp to cover the Monday holiday. Allow us to make a few suggestions.

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this weekend: Camellias, Children's Grammy Nominees, and Valentines Prep Feb 9 - 10

Can you keep a secret? We at Mommy Poppins LA are harboring a crush on someone very special. Actually a whole lotta special someones: the moms, dads, and kids who visit our site. That’s a lot of Valentines to create. Luckily, we can take our own advice and snip, scribble, and paste together cards for you all! Artsy events at Vroman’s, reDiscover Center, and One Colorado also help craft special tokens from the heart. 

A card is all well and good, but sometimes a loved one wants a special night (or afternoon or morning) out. What could be more romantic than a stroll through the camellias (at your choice of gardens)? Perhaps a cultural journey to France?  Kids can share tea time with their favorite dolls, and maybe invite their dads along. Even wizards are feeling the love.

And lest you think we have nothing but hearts and roses on our minds, this weekend we also celebrate Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday!). So what are you waiting for? Grab your honey(s) and celebrate!

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Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this weekend: Strawberry Shortcake, Summer Opportunities & Animal Avatars: Feb 2 - 3

This weekend, it all comes down to a coin toss. Heads or tails to decide your fate. Nope, not talking about the Superbowl (who’s in it this year, the Dodgers or the Lakers?); I’m talking about the all-important decision of what to do this weekend. Heads: celebrate the Lunar New Year at the Pacific Asia Museum with taiko drums, Chinese acrobats, and visiting artists from China. Tails and you'll welcome Year of the Snake at the weekend fest in Downtown Monterey Park.

Heads: wish animated Peter Pan a fond farewell at the El Capitan before he flies off into the night sky. Tails: watch a Peter-Pan inspired ballet at Kidspace Museum.

Heads: plan your summer adventures at the Summer Opportunities Fair at the Westridge School in Pasadena. Tails: do the same thing, but at Marymount High School in West LA.

If you prefer to not leave your agenda to the vagaries of chance, you can check out our newest feature: Mommy Poppins' Go List, a one-stop shop for the absolute must-do events each month. Not to get all spoiler-y on you, but February promises prehistoric pets, celebrated cetaceans, and epic golden dragons!

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