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Mommy Poppins $15 Discount at Veterans Day Beach Camp

Venice del Play Beach Camp (which, in spite of the name, meets on the beach in Santa Monica) is always a great option for school holidays. The yoga, boogie board, and sand castle experts are out there in the California sunshine on Veterans Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and any other time that school is closed - winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call.

Guaranteeing a 5-to-1 ratio of adults to children is important when there's water involved, which explains why the camp charges $90 for a full day of fun. However, Venice del Play is offering Mommy Poppins readers a $15 discount for a limited time! Grab this deal for Veterans Day Capoiera Camp and pay only $75.

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Pumpkins, Scares & A Whole Lotta Shaking Oct 22 - 23

What’s that seismic rumbling? The vibration of 10 million pumpkins rolling down the 405? No, (well maybe, but that’s not what we’re talking about here).  What you’re feeling is the pretend earthquake of the Great American Shakeout, a drill being held Thursday to help kids learn to drop, cover, and hold in the event of a genuine temblor. At 10:20AM schools, businesses, and community groups throughout the Southland are practicing what to do when the Big One (or a medium one) strikes.

Once the dust settles, you’ll find no shortage of things to do this weekend.  Halloween draws ever closer, and our calendar reflects that. The weekend is filled with pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins, two scary aquariums, and quite a few Día de los Muertos celebraciones. 

Here are some of our top choices for this weekend...

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Home Movies, Hobbits, and Blasting off to Jupiter, Oct 15-16

October?  Seriously?  If you ever doubt how lucky we are to live in Southern California,  all you have to do is take a look outside.  It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend, and we have all the activities for you to fill it with.

Once again, we are spoiled for choice with things to do. Southern Californian families can celebrate music and art, party with dinosaurs, spiders, or sea creatures, eat to their hearts’ content and learn the secrets of creating comic books.  And we can do it all in the blazing sunshine.

Continue reading to see some of our top choices for this weekend...

Flying Monsters in 3-D at the California Science Center IMAX Theater

What self-respecting kid wouldn’t want to see a movie called Flying Monsters in 3-D?

The California Science Center reminds us once again how lucky we are to have the California Science Center, with the arrival of David Attenborough’s IMAXsterpiece, Flying Monsters. It was almost too easy answering my son’s “What are we doing today?” with the hero-making reply, “We’re going to see a 3-D movie called Flying Monsters.” I confess, though, I harbored a small doubt; what if he felt conned when he discovered that this impressive sounding title was in fact a cover for a documentary film narrated by some old English guy?

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Kites, Cool Science, and World Records, Oct 8 - 9

It’s one for the record books… make that two! This week Southern Californians have the chance to participate in two different world record attempts. First up: Read for the Record. The Santa Monica Public Library joins with book lovers around the world in an attempt to create the largest shared reading experience. This year’s book is Llama Llama Red Pajama, and it’s a real page turner, filled with lots of llama drama. 

Fencing Classes Where LA Kids can Swash Their Bucklers

Fencing sometimes gets a bad wrap – plagued by rumors of violence, elitism, and big price tags. Don’t believe any of it! Kids know that fencing is cool because it’s kind of like what Johnny Depp does in all those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Savvy parents know that it’s the favorite sport of Ivy League sports scholarships. Either way, it’s an extreme sport worth checking out.

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Angels, Rubber Duckies, and a FREE Veggie Burger Oct 1-2

It’s official.  With the start of October, Halloween season is now upon us.

For those spookily inclined, Southern California offers a fearsome number of spine-tingling events. From Halloween hauntings at our numerous amusement parks to the pumpkin patches and corn mazes that mysteriously appear this time of year, our treat bags are flowing over.

Not every event this weekend is a spookfest.  Families can catch a morning concert on the pier, attend two different book festivals, or look in wonder at the stars.  In addition, we have the inside scoop on how you can score your kiddo a FREE veggie burger!

Continue reading to see what have we scared up for you this weekend, both spooky and sweet, and to find out how to get that FREE burger!

Fun & Free Things To Do this Weekend with LA Kids: Sing-A-Long, Spiders, and a Happy New Year September 24-25

How do you know it’s Fall in Los Angeles? Certainly not by the weather; another scorcher is due this weekend. Nope, it’s the harbingers of Halloween that warn us of Autumn’s approach, from the costumes lining the drugstore aisles to the TV ads trumpeting horror fests at our amusement parks.

Soon enough we’ll be sharing the most spooktacular events of the season. But for this weekend we're serving up the events without a side of scary. Among the highlights are festivals celebrating Italian and Hispanic culture, the Jewish New Year, two fundraising doggy walks, and an exhibit filled with hundreds of spiders.  (Okay, maybe we get a little bit scary). Also, if your family doesn't celebrate the Jewish New Year, you might want some ideas for camps that are in session for next week's school holiday.

Keep reading for some of our favorite choices for the weekend. And some exciting news - Mommy Poppins has been nominated by Parents Magazine in the Best Local Blog category. Please vote for us if you agree!

Huntington Beach Weekend Getaway: So Far and Yet So Close

The Los Angeles Grail, the Great Quest of the Southland, may well be the search for the ultimate family weekend getaway. The vacation that gives the most pleasure for the least effort. The highest decadence to travel time ratio. And I am here to share the news that Nirvana is only an hour away down an Orange County stretch of the 405 to Huntington Beach.

Fun & Free Things To Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Lobsters, Coastal Clean up, and the Littlest Olympians September 17-18

Not ready for summer to be over? Given the temperatures this week it looks like Mother Nature has been feeling the same way. But luckily we live in Southern California, where we can enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities regardless of the date on the calendar!

LA has a particularly international flavor this weekend. Festivals celebrate the cultures of ThailandScandinaviaGreece, and Latin America. There are storytimes in Spanish and American Sign Language, (and one with Peter Rabbit himself). The Hollywood Bowl offers another fireworks spectacular, this time set to music with a French theme.  

Keep reading for some of our top choices this weekend:


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