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Bears: Parent Movie Review of the Disney Film at El Capitan

Every Earth Day for the last few years, Disneynature has given families a movie event to look forward to, and this year's treat is an all-ages celebration of the most kid-centric of mammals: Bears. In the tradition of other Disney Earth Day releases, which have included Chimpanzee, African Cats, and Oceans, the film Bears offers a breathtaking cinematic journey - and a peek into the world of Alaskan brown bears that seems almost impossible in its close-up detail. Not to mention, it is almost unbearably adorable. Read on to see just how adorable - and to find out if it's your little bear-lover's cup of tea.

Overnight Summer Camps for Kids with Food Allergies in CA, OR, & WA

With summer right around the corner, parents have a lot of planning on their plates to ensure a fun-filled time away from school. There are many overnight camp choices for kids without dietary restrictions, but let's face it: for those who do have dietary concerns - gluten-free, peanut-free, vegan, or other needs - the list is not as long. For those moms and dads who want overnight camps as a potential activity for their kids this summer, here's a list to consider, especially if diet is a concern.

The following camps are located throughout the west of the US and have a focus on special diets and accommodating food allergies.

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Book Festival, Getty Festival, & Puppet Festival: April 12 - 13

We're sorry. We're really, really sorry. We don't mean to keep doing this to you, honest. But here we go again: There are just Too Many Things to Do. Good things. Excellent Things. More Things than One Family can possibly do in One Weekend. And you are going to have to choose.

The LA Times Festival of BooksThe Puppet Festival at the Skirball. One of the Getty Center's priceless Family Festivals. (This one's about Queen Victoria and Photography). There's the opening day of the Butterfly Pavilion. There's the opening day of the Snowy Day exhibit at the Skirball. There's the opening day of the Wyland Gallery at Sweet! (Whales! And chocolate!)

But that is not all; oh, no, that is not all. Easter is hopping into town with bunnies, bunnies, and bunnies. (Peter, Cottontail, and Easter). There are kites in the sky, singing in the rain, and talking drums. There are infinitely many choices, and all of them are must-see.

Keep reading for way too many things to do this weekend...

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: CicLAvia, Puppet March, & Baseball Swing: April 5 - 6

It’s all about the kids, isn’t it? The Aquarium of the Pacific celebrates International Children’s Day all weekend long. Museum of Latin American Art does the same on Sunday. It's Earth Day at STAR Eco Station... Children's Earth Day, that is. Concerts on Santa Monica Pier are back - but sorry, they're for kids. Kids, kids, kids!

Well hip hip Huzzah for the kids, but what about the parents? Huh? When do we get our day? Children’s Day - how about Mothers' Day? Or, wonder of wonders, Fathers' Day? When do we get ours??? 

Really? As soon as that? Cool, I can wait til May. (No word on whether the Dads will make it to June, though). In the meantime, bring on the kid stuffBunny photo ops! Bubbles, baseball, and Cat in the Hat!  Because really, we know, the best way to make Momma happy is to make her kids happy. And our calendar is filled with ways to make your children happy.

Keep reading for the most delightfully child-centric activities for this weekend...

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Bookfest, Bubblefest, & Earth Hour: March 29 - 30

Wow. Another beautiful spring weekend ahead. What a perfect time to go on a hike to see wildflowers. Such pretty colors! Such fresh scents. I think I'll just sniff that one over there... wait a minute. It's not going to squirt water at me, is it?

You see, my kid is suddenly all about April Fool's pranks. I have no clue where she got the idea. She's getting an early start, because apparently April Fool's jokes are even funnier when you're not expecting them because, you know, it's not April 1.  (Preschool humor!)

Now I don't know what to trust. Black is white, day is night, and make way because the Easter Bunny is I'm not kidding hopping down the trail. (As if! Easter is totally weeks and weeks away.)

Don't keep reading because you certainly won't find some of our favorite picks for the weekend... or will you?

Muppets Most Wanted: Parent Movie Review

Muppets Most Wanted (PG) is in theaters, and we're ready to address two questions right off the bat: 1. Is the new Muppet movie worth seeing, and 2. Is it worth seeing at El Capitan? No need to draw it out: the answers are yes and yes! Read on for a parent review that helps you decide whether or not your little Miss Piggy fans are ready for this film, and why seeing it at Disney's El Capitan Theater - directly in front of the new Muppets star on Hollywood Boulevard - is more of an experience than seeing it anywhere else.

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Cherry Blossom, Teaching Zoo, & Bug Fair: March 22 - 23

How'd ya like that cute little wake-up call this week? No biggie. Just a reminder of the trade-off we make for living in Sunny So Cal and  ...HOLY CANNOLI! WHAT WAS THAT?! That must have been a big one; it felt like a mess of trucks going by and... Oh. It was a mess of trucks going by? Fancy that. Must be fun for the kids; you know how they love those big rigs.

Okay, so maybe I am feeling a little jumpy. Maybe I still have a creepy, my-skin-is-crawling, like there are bugs everywhere, and LEAPIN' LIZARDS! There are bugs crawling everywhere! Oh, because of Bug Fair, right. Makes sense. (But cricket brownies? Serious. Ugh.)

You know what doesn't make sense? RAMPAGING ANIMALS! Through the streets! Roaring really loud and scaring little children and walking on tightropes and performing funny skits and maybe even riding little bicycles, and - I have to admit that sounds more talented than scary, like America's Teaching Zoo Has Talent talented.

Anyway, I'll be hiding in the doorway with my emergency flashlight until further notice. But for those of you willing to venture out into the wild world this weekend, please keep reading for some of our favorite picks.

25 Things To Do with Kids in Westchester & Near LAX

If you don't live nearby, you may best know Westchester as being the home of LAX. But, there is a lot more than just the airport and related businesses! Westchester is a bustling family-oriented community that continues north to the bluffs overlooking Playa Vista. There is a wide variety of things to do and see for kids of all ages—history, classes and camps, entertainment, food, and fun (and free!) play. Whether you are meeting someone with a 3-hour or overnight layover or you are a local looking for something different to try, there is something for you. (Done all of these? You can move on to 25 things to do in Marina del ReyCulver City, or Redondo Beach next!)


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