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Father's Day Outings and Activities for LA and OC Dads

Father's Day is Sunday, and let's face it: Dad doesn't want another tie, and he probably has enough golf balls to last a while. Brunch out is usually tasty and well-received (who among us doesn't relish the thought of not cooking, especially when there is a buffet spread before us?). But this year, why not invite Dad to top off his day with a little something different? Whether he's a sports lover, car enthusiast, or the adventurous type, we have some ideas that will definitely make Pops feel tops.

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Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Big Parade, Flying Fish & Great Big Family Play Day: May 31 - June 1

What's that you say? June? Why, yes please!  Bring on the summer! With Memorial Day come and gone, we are now officially in the summer season, which means an abundance of grade A, E-ticket activities. And what better to get you started than the Great Big Family Play Day at Pan Pacific Park? This thing has it all: music from the Beat Buds, Twinkle Time and Rhythm Child, a meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa, a pump & splash zone, pamper & playtime, and hold the phone, some Weework crafting courtesy of you know us, you love us, Mommy Poppins - and, forget about those Frozen chicks; you can meet a Mommy Poppins blogger! (You can win cool stuff, too, if you're into that kind of thing.)

The summer season is also known as kids out of school season, which is to say, anyone want to watch my kids for me? Not that I've forgotten to schedule a summer full of engaging and enriching activities or anything, but if I had, I could totally check out our round-up of LA Summer Camps that still have openings. (Or I could go with my back-up plan and encourage them to run away with the circus).

And, of course, summer means more time outdoors, especially after that frigid winter we had. (Or maybe heard that other folks did). Luckily, we've rounded up some SoCal-centric fun in the sun. We've got the splash pads to keep you cool; we've got the hikes to help you get back to nature.

And we've got the activities to keep you going whatever the weather may be...

Flying Under the Big Top: Circus Classes for LA Kids

Acrobatic Angelenos no longer have to run away to join the circus. Classes offering big fun under the big top are available for all ages and abilities in many neighborhoods in and around town. The lithe and limber and even the physically challenged have multiple options for learning and practicing the circus arts. Classes in clowning, contortion, tight rope walking, high wire flying, and Wushu, can be found in multiple locations.

5 Things That Make This Week Different, May 26-30

Every Thursday we draw your attention to the best of the best things to do with kids around LA over the weekend, to make sure that the most intriguing activities on our events calendar don't pass you by. We also kick off each month with a Go List highlighting the weekend events worth planning ahead for. We talk about weekends a lot. But what about weekdays? Don't parents of toddlers crave fun outings all week long? Don't school aged kids love being picked up with an adventure to embrace? You could take them to see the Pompeii exhibit at the California Science Center. You could take them on a scavenger hunt at the Santa Monica Pier. Or you could take them to do one of the following five things that we think make this week different.

5 Toddler-Friendly Hikes and Nature Walks In or Near Los Angeles

Don’t we all want to get away sometimes without having to really "get away"?  A thing called recall sets in and "eeek!" we remember how tough it is to simply pack the car for a normal school day. The thought of packing for a weekend vacation can be daunting and unappealing. How is that a get away? Although we live in a city of buildings and cars, just a short drive a way there is a way to feel as if you and the family are getting away from it all for a small but peaceful break. The list below includes a few hikes in and around Los Angeles equipped with trails, fossils, waterfalls, and ocean views.

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Bug Fair, Strawberries, and Topanga Banjo Fiddle: May 17 - 18

This is getting serious, guys. This is our last weekend before Memorial Day. You know what Memorial Day means? The beginning of summer. (Not in a solstice kind of way, but in an unofficial start to the season way, and a bunch of free outdoor concert and movie series are starting up and I think maybe you can wear white again way.)

But it doesn't feel like summer or anything; nope, no sweltering temps here. Denial may be a river in Egypt, but who needs rivers when we've got the beach, the waves, and delightful sea creatures? Sure, the mercury may be rising so high it'll knock you into the Renaissance era... twice... but we can enjoy it while breakfasting with gibbons and snacking on strawberries. Yes, you may get to the rink and find the ice has melted, but no worries, you can go roller skating!

Then, of course, there's no better way to get your mind off your own steamin' pile o' troubles than to help others. Luckily this is Big Sunday Weekend, so there are projects all around that need your special touch to get them done.

Keep reading for the hottest activities to be found this weekend...

Big Sunday Volunteer Opportunities for Los Angeles Families

Big Sunday Weekend (May 1-3, 2015) is a time for residents all over Southern California to come together to serve the community; more than 50,000 volunteers are expected to participate. The weekend offers a fabulous opportunity to introduce children to volunteering; even toddlers and preschoolers can help weed, pick up trash, draw cards for troops, and feel the joy of helping others. And you could check off #61 on our list of 100 Things to Do in LA With Kids Before They Grow Up by helping out on a beach clean-up as a family! The weekend is special—spirits are high; people are excited; a huge variety of projects is available for all age groups (see a small sample below), and work is done. And if you've ever noticed people wearing Big Sunday t-shirts in past years, that's because everyone who volunteers gets a free tee.

Kids’ Party Planning: 6 Expert Tips for Throwing a Fun, Stress-Free Birthday Bash

Much like telephones and VW Beetles, birthday parties look a whole lot different than they used to. Here in LA, I've seen kids' parties that looked like they had wedding planners, guest lists that go higher than the child can count, and party favors with bigger price tags than the gifts. I've also seen parents say, "Oh, stuff it," and run away to Disneyland. Whether you're on the birthday party fast lane or have no qualms about keeping it sweet and simple, a few tips from party experts can only make things better, so we asked some party professionals to share their insider tips.

Parties with a Purpose: Kids' Volunteering Birthday Bash To Help Those in Need

Kids' birthday parties should be a blast, but they don't necessarily need to be two hours of lavish expense resulting in a mountain of under-appreciated gifts. Just as you can organize an at-home volunteering project during a playdate, it's easy to throw a party with a purpose. This goes beyond encouraging guests to donate to charity in lieu of presents (which is great, too). We've rounded up fun and easy things kids can do to help those in need that can be incorporated into many themes, and all of our ideas can be done at home. Make sure you have a brief discussion with the kids before you get started about why you've chosen to host a party with a purpose, and who will benefit from their generosity. That way the children not only understand the concept, they can feel good about giving to others. Isn't that the greatest birthday gift of all?

Fun & Free Activities with LA Kids this Weekend: Poppies, Beach House, and REDCAT Film Fest: April 26 - 27

It’s spring, and you know what that means: spring cleaning! Out with the old, in with the new. You can get started with a classic clean, and join in the Earth Day tie-in beach cleanup on Santa Monica Beach. Get those sands sparkling (and what perfect timing: the Annenberg Community Beach House is holding its Anniversary shingdig this weekend as well).

That was inspiring!  Now it's time to clean up our own little neck of the woods and… oh dear. We have quite a lot of trash around here. No worries. Earth Day also marks the start of Sanitation Open House season. Kids can tour sanitation yards, attend recycling fairs, visit landfills, and perhaps commandeer a garbage truck to help Momma haul away a ton or two of refuse.

You know what's not going to end up in a landfill? Cloth diapers. You know who's going to end up in the Guinness Book of Records? Cloth diaperers (assuming enough of them get together this weekend). You know what else is going to end up in the record books? This weekend, because seriously,  there's so much amazing stuff going on that it will definitely be going down in history.

Don't believe me?  Keep reading for a taste of the awesomeness headed your way...


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