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Fun & Free Events This Weekend for LA Kids: Woofstock, Kites & Give-away! Mar 10 - 11

This edition of our weekly best is chock full of savvy scoops. We pride ourselves on being in the know with the best and coolest activities out there, but even our seasoned editor was surprised by the awesomeness that is the Toyota Symphony for Youth - and you can still catch it this weekend!

No doubt you've been waiting with bated breath as we've been adding installments in our summer camp/ break camp series. Now, for the first time, you can view all the articles in one place, our Los Angeles Camps Guide. It's like having the boxed set - and we add episodes every week!

Having launched our expedition into the world of camps, we next turn our eye toward education. This week begins our series on Co-op Preschools with a look at the best that the Westside has to offer.

And, having established ourselves as your number one resource for fun activities with kids on land, we're now declaring the seas to be our domain as well, as we reel in the best local whale watching.

Finally, in case you've forgotten, we've still got a giveaway running - and Friday is the last day to enter! Keep reading for our favorite picks for the weekend, and to be reminded about our sparkling giveaway!

Co-op Preschools and Nursery Schools on the Westside

I'll be honest: when my kids were preschool age, I didn't think they needed school yet. I was full-time with them. So, hrmph. What could a nursery school give them that I couldn't? But I now know that whether or not they needed preschool, the truth is I​ needed preschool. Or, more specifically, I needed to be a parent at a coop nursery school. 

Whether or not you think you might, too, we bring you our series of greater Los Angeles cooperative preschools. We start here with the Westside, but we have similar shout outs to coop preschools in the Valleys and Hollywood/Los Feliz.

Toyota Symphony for Youth Review: Holst’s The Planets

You know what's funny? I thought I had already been to one of the Toyota Symphonies for Youth. Perhaps what I remembered was a World City, or a Drum Downtown, or one of the other wonderful programs the Music Centers offers for families. But the moment we arrived at the Disney Concert Hall on Saturday morning for Holst's The Planets, I realized that this was an experience I had not had.

Stars on Ice - Skating Show Review

Who knew an ice show could be so much fun?

Oh, sure, we can assume that a group of world champion figure skaters with Olympic medals in their carry-ons is going to be impressive, beautiful, even inspiring. And on these points Stars on Ice absolutely delivers. But the real beauty of the Stars on Ice show is watching these champion athletes from around the world cut loose and have - what appears to be - a total blast.

Fun & Free Events This Weekend for LA Kids: Purim, The Planets, & a Very Clean Giveaway! Mar 3 - 4

Well, that was over quick. Even with an extra day, February has gone all "been there, done that" on us. Makes you think Spring is just around the corner, despite any predictions a certain groundhog (or the weatherman) might have made. Luckily Mommy Poppins is on the ball with our list of 10 Spring Break Camps that LA Kids Love!

Spring Break might put you in a mindset for Spring Cleaning, and we're here to help with that, too. Anyone can talk about tidying closets, but you know you're a Mommy when it's your car seat that needs cleaning. This week we take a look at CleanBeeBaby unique car seat cleaning service, and there might even be something in it for you. (SPOILER ALERT: it's a giveaway!)

But before you kiss Winter good-bye, you might want to take in one of the many Purim festivals going on around town. Purim is a Jewish festival that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people, complete with an evil villain, valiant heroes, crazy costumes, and all manner of revelry, and it goes without saying that Mommy Poppins has the lowdown on the best Purim celebrations for your family.

Read on for our favorite picks for this weekend, and to find out more about that giveaway...

CleanBeeBaby Car Seat Cleaning and Giveaway

This week's giveaway from CleanBeeBaby is a no-brainer. We all have car seats and strollers. They all face daily assaults from the toddler arsenal. (Cheerios. Goldfish. Raisins. Sand. …Not to mention an array of bodily fluids). They need to be cleaned. 

But we’re faced with a dilemma. Cleaning the car seat means taking it out of commission for a day or more (you can put the cover in the washer but have to let it air dry).  It also means taking it out of the car - uninstalling it - and then having to reinstall it ourselves. (No pressure or anything, but did you know that more than 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly?) We've found a terrific solution, and we get to share it for free in this week's giveaway!

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Railroad, Deconstruction, and Oobleck Goo, Feb 25-26

There is no greater star in the children’s literary world than Dr. Seuss, (aka Theodor Geisel).  His March 3 birthday is honored as National Read Across America Day, and the festivities are already starting this week.  So grab your well-worn copy of Cat in the Hat and get ready for a wild weekend. Oh the places you'll go...

Like skiing perhaps? Mommy Poppins has a snowtastic review of the children's ski school at Mountain High. (I wonder if they'll take on a Mommy with two left skis?)

Next we take you off the slopes and into the kitchen, with the latest in our continuing series on summer camps. This week we whip up a list of the finest culinary camps for kids.  But you don't have to wait if you're hoping for pancakes; we can tell you where to score some for FREE!

Read on for our favorite picks for this weekend, and to find out about those free pancakes…

Children's Ski Lessons at Mountain High Rock!

Until this past weekend, one of the casualties of parenthood in our family was skiing. Of course, if I had been a true skiing fanatic I would have moved "Teach Child To Ski" higher up the priority list. Indeed, if I were a serious skier, I may even have felt qualified to teach said child to ski myself. Instead, I have vaguely contemplated the family ski resort options near LA each winter, and then realized that I have not made it to one each spring. After six seasons without skiing, I decided it was time to take the child by the horns and get someone to teach him to ski.

Cooking Schools with Summer Camps for Kids

"Summertime and the livin's easy."  Or, well, at least it can be for kids, especially when they're entertained at camp. We recently pulled together 10 Great Outdoor Summer Camps, Horeseback Riding Camps, and Summer Art Camps for Kids bursting with possibilities for the outdoorsy and artsy crowds. In fact, we're adding more types of camp all the time to our Summer and Vacation Camp Guide. And now we offer a dozen summer cooking camps, for those happy little campers who love to make food. (Note: All camps listed will be providing summer camps in 2012. Some are still finalizing scheduling and pricing details as noted.)

Fun & Free Things to Do This Weekend with LA Kids: Valentines Galore and a Monster Giveaway: Feb 11–12

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday, and all around Southern California kids can craft  and hear stories and sip tea in honor of that most romantic of days. If you're still looking for a special way to celebrate Valentine's with your little ones, we've got plenty of heartfelt suggestions.

Nothing sets my heart aflutter like the simple beauty of children at play (what can I say, I'm a Mom!). As a gift to you, we've come up with a list of public school playgrounds that open up to the community when school isn't in session.

And for those who have a more heart-pounding definition of romantic, we have a giveaway to announce that's simply smashing!

Read on for our favorite picks for this weekend and to learn more about the giveaway...


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