Los Angeles

Santa Monica - Can a Suburb Be Too Much in the Sun?

When people imagine raising kids in Southern California, what they’re picturing is Santa Monica. The beach, the sunshine, the tall swaying palm trees, the parks, the pier, the virtually ubiquitous farmers’ markets, the pedestrian zones, the bike lanes, and the beat cops on Segways – it’s all here in sunny Santa Monica by the sea.

Culver City - Small Town Life in the Big City

I was ready to pack up and leave LA. My lovely little rent controlled apartment in Santa Monica turned condo, and after years of bliss by the sea, the thought of living anywhere else seemed absurd.  But I still needed to find the next city I would call home.  Little did I know that an ad for a Culver City rental would completely change my plans.

2011/12 Academic Year Calendars for LA Area Schools

Labor Day weekend is no longer the sacred signal of end of summer that it once was; changes have been taking place at schools all over the Southland, making the first day of school something of a moving feast. Some families are scrambling for one more round of summer camp, while others have been knee-deep in homework for weeks already.


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