Tacos and Toddlers: 5 Hidden Gem Glendale Taco Restaurants Kids Love

The taco has overtaken the burger as the cheap-and-cheerful, kid-friendly meal choice of so many Los Angeles families, and the best tacos don’t just come from trendy food trucks or hole-in-the-wall stands. In fact, Glendale sports some of the most kid-friendly, parent-friendly taco spots in the city.

From chicken tacos to cheese quesadillas, these five taco treasures satisfy both big and little foodies in a casual, tot-friendly environment.

Mommy & Me Movies (and Daddy too!) around LA

The words "Mommy & Me" don't always have to preface responsible activities like infant swim classes; Mommy & Me movies allow even the most devoted parents a chance to revel in adult pleasures. New moms and dads can get out and see a movie that they want to see - not an animated or children's film - without having to leave their baby at home or worry about their little one disturbing other guests. Participating theaters focus on making it work for babies, with amenities that include changing tables, soft lighting, and a place to park your stroller. And the best part: little ones can cry and nurse and fuss without fear of dirty looks or shushing. Plus, because the films are shown during the day, prices are of the lower, matinee variety - and the infants are free!

SunnyDayScoot: Driving Tours of Griffith Park & Parties in Scooter Car s

I'm feeling pretty smug today. Not only did I take my kid on an outing in his hometown that thrilled him within an inch of his life; I also found an activity that was utterly and completely new to our LA team's native Angeleno, Jackie Stansbury. You may have noticed a recurring theme in Jackie's posts: unlike most LA parents I know, her childhood memories are actually all right here in the Southland. When she talks about a grunion run, she compares it to the one she did 40 years ago. In short, there's nothing new under the LA sun for her. That is, until today, when she and I were invited to do some scootering under the sun in funny little vehicles that feel like a cross between a bumper car and Colonel Klink's motorcycle. We took our kids on LA's newest road adventure: SunnyDayScoots.

Where To See Stars in Los Angeles: Observatories and Planetariums for Family Stargazing

Our city may be known for its star maps, but LA's light pollution makes it hard to sit outside and identify actual shooting stars, planets, and constellations. Whether your kids love staring at the stars when they're out of the city or have never taken a good look at the Milky Way, planetarium shows and observatories can be a great way to examine the wonders of the night sky.

Planetariums offer a virtual sky experience, generally following a specific theme; shows may give an overview of the current sky, take a trip through the solar system, or focus on a phenomenon like the Northern Lights. Observatories offer a chance to look straight at the universe via someone else's (often superpowered) telescope. We are lucky to have a few observatories in town, as well as a good selection of planetariums (or planetaria, if you prefer) for spotting the biggest Los Angeles stars. Some locations, like Griffith Observatory, even do it all in one place: high-tech shows, enormous telescopes, and public star parties (no red carpet involved).

10 Kids Furniture Stores in and Around Los Angeles

Furniture shopping for little ones changes as quickly as they do: one day it concerns cribs and changing tables, and the next moment it’s bunk beds and desks for homework. And while some kids' items are so fleeting that we don't want to spend much on them (thank goodness for the Toy District!), there are always a couple of furniture pieces that we really want to get right. Looking for the perfect crib, a bed to make the room, or a desk to inspire ultimate focus? Below we offer a list of creative suggestions to shop for kids' furniture in Los Angeles. From stylish to efficient, there’s a furniture store in the vast city of Los Angeles to meet everyone's needs.

8 Small & Low-Cost Museums for LA Kids

Los Angeles is full of museums, including some well-known free ones—The Getty, The California Science Center, and LACMA (free through their NexGen kids program). These free museums are also all huge and often very crowded with summer camps, field trips, and members. Free museum days offer access to many other large museums, and MOTA Day is a free day for several in the Pasadena area. But if you are looking for something a bit smaller, less crowded, or just for something new-to-you, on a day you choose, you still have options. These eight museums, all located in Los Angeles County, are all either free or donation-based - meaning you can get a family of four in for twenty dollars or less. Some may only take an hour to visit, but you may want to spend the whole day at others.

10 Great Parks for Birthday Parties in the Valley

Every kid loves a birthday party! And we have a whole lot of information on different theme parties, party guides, and even party crafts. Sometimes, though, you just need a great park for the perfect party—a playground, grassy areas, picnic tables, a grill, and maybe a bounce house or piñata. These 10 Valley parks are all great for kids' birthday parties, all have bathrooms available (check the hours), and all are a bit different. Do you want shade? A fenced playground? Water features? Lots of grass? Plenty of table space? There is something here for you.


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