St. Patrick's Day for SoCal Kids: Parades, Parties, and Irish Events

Here comes Saint Patrick's Day; time to brush up the Irish brogue for the one time per year (unless you're really Irish) that you use it. The holiday falls on a Thursday in 2016, but the day itself is preceded by a big, green weekend replete with family-friendly events. So top o' the marnin' to ye; Erin Go Bragh; that shade of green looks bonny on you, and let's go find some parades!

Camps for LA Kids on School Vacation Days

Remember when a day off from school sounded like a good thing?

Now that we’re the grown-ups, of course, it’s a different story. And as if Monday holidays to honor veterans, presidents, and the like were not enough, our current economic struggles have also left us with a legacy of “Furlough Days” – which translates loosely as “random days when we need to find childcare.”

Luckily some enterprising local camps who know how to show a kid a good time offer fun options for school kids on days when there is no school. If you’ve suddenly discovered that tomorrow is one of those days, try checking out one of the camps below that generally have us covered on LA school vacation days - whenever they come.

10 Super Summer Science Camps for Kids in Los Angeles

Ten summer science camps - try saying that 10 times fast! Or you could stop muttering to yourself and just check out our top ten picks for great summertime science adventures available to our kids just because they live in in and around LA. We've collected a variety - indoor, outdoor, animal-driven, robot-driven - all of which have been test driven by parents we trust. If you try one, let us know what you think below. And if your summer cannot live by science alone, check out the art, cooking, horse, and classic outdoorsy camps in our Summer and Vacation Camp Guide!

Kid-Friendly Fishing Spots for LA Kids

At some point, just about every boy and girl will want to try fishing. Whether you plan to eat your haul or catch and release, fishing is a time-honored, relaxing way for kids and parents or grandparents to spend quality quiet time together—and it's a great summer activity. You can start with a free wharf fishing clinic, if you are interested in fishing basics or ocean fishing, or head out to a lake on your own!

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