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Walking with Dinosaurs: A Roaring Good Time

I can still remember the thrill when I first saw Jurassic Park, the whole new world that first time that Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs out of the past and moved them around on a screen for us in a way that did not look remotely animated. It was breathtaking and would have been an amazing thing to show a child - if not for all of the violent death and destruction brought on by Spielberg's intensely PG-13 plot. If only there were a way to bring dinos to life with that same impact, but in a way that little ones could better handle - perhaps even learn from. And with that, we bring you Walking with Dinosaurs.

Mini Golf in LA: Where to Play Miniature Golf or Have a Golf Birthday Party

Whether you're looking for an interesting place to have a birthday party or just something to do to keep idle hands from emptying the toy chest onto the living room floor, mini golf can be a real crowd pleaser for kids of all ages. Like the big version of the sport, the miniature version can be a great way to spend time outdoors (without inspiring the critical looks one would collect letting little ones run free on an 18-hole course), and there's little chance of getting bored with all the other entertainment these places pack in. From purists to adrenaline junkies, mini golf courses can keep the whole family entertained.

Living History Events for LA and OC Kids

Kids sometimes find history boring. And, really, who doesn't find memorizing lists of dates and names to be a bit dull? Kids love learning by doing, so the way to learn history is to go back in time! At a living history event, actors are in period costume, crafts relate to the time period, music and dancing are time-specific, and kids and their adults can hear the noises and smell the smells of the era. Actors dressed as historic figures talk about themselves in character, and traditional food is often available.

Family-friendly living history events occur all over greater Los Angeles (not just at that annual Renaissance Faire), and many events offer special activities for young ones. Some are completely free; others have free admission but charge for parking or pay-as-you-go activities. All of them offer an opportunity for a time-traveling weekend.

Snow in LA? Where To Find Holiday Snow without Leaving Town

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Of course actual snow in Los Angeles County is rare enough to be saleable on ebay (anyone still have that 2007 Malibu snow in the freezer?), but several Southland locales offer a reasonable facsimile of snow at this time of year. From Anaheim to Pasadena, we get several opportunities in the coming weeks to introduce our kids to snow, without introducing them to picking up their wet snow gear from the floor. And most of the events below are free!

Family Outing at the Nixon Presidential Library

Those folks in other cities who think that LA's version of history and culture consists of Disneyland and beach volleyball - do they know that two of the nation's 13 presidential museums are here in the LA area? That we live in a hotbed of presidential history hosting more presidential libraries than Washington DC and New York City combined? 'Cause they are, and we do. If you haven't yet reached this item on our 100 Things To Do with LA Kids list, we're happy to give you a sneak preview of what awaits at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda.

Fun Yoga Classes for Kids in LA and Orange County

Have you ever noticed (of course you have) how vibrantly and easily children move? Throughout their active days they run and glide and bend and fall - all with such freedom and grace (and, unlike us, they're not stiff the next day). Many of us creaky parents (me) seek yoga to settle our minds and loosen our shoulders. It's high time we invited our wee Gumbys to try it, too. Kids may not have our low back pain, but they will no doubt appreciate the other benefits this gentle practice offers. You're never too young (or too supple) to start yoga. Read on for places that will most definitely delight our little yogi-kids.


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