Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Zimmer Closing, Golden Dragon, and Valentines

Golden Dragon Festival. Photo courtesy of Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles
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This is a weekend about love, loss, and (spoiler) finding love again. With Valentine's Day only days away, our kids and/ or spouses need to act fast to buy and/ or make objects to show us their love. Also acceptable is taking us out on the town and showing us a good time.

We spoke of loves; now let us speak of loss. Last week we discovered The LEGO Space Hollywood, the free interactive installation powered by The LEGO Movie 2. Alas, poor LEGO Space, we only just met and now, come Sunday, it is over. But the brick-shaped hole it will leave in our hearts is small compared to the loss we will be feeling at the closing of the Zimmer—truly, the place where childhood lived (not to mention a giant ball pit and a kid-sized Wailing Wall). On Sunday we say goodbye to the Zimmer as it opens its doors, for free, for one last playdate.

But remember I said this is a story of love found again. Yes, the LEGO Space Hollywood is closing, but the LEGO Movie 2 is opening. (We saw and—you guessed it—love love love it. ) And as for the Zimmer, the goodbye is only temporary. The beloved museum will be reborn sometime in April 2019, emerging with a new name and a new zipcode. (We srsly cannot wait.)

Love triumphs and love conquers all, creating a happy ending to our love story, and to your fun-filled pre-Valentine's weekend.

Keep reading for the part where we all live happily ever after...