Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Patrick's, Purim, and Butterflies

County Ventura's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Photo courtesy of County Ventura

Erin go Hamantaschen, it's a Patrick's Purim weekend! Carnivals and parades commemorate our freedom from snakes and evil empires, with bouncy slides, the wearing of the Green, and all around general rowdiness. Nature itself goes wild around LA this weekend, with off-the-growth-charts plants, preternaturally skilled creatures, and precocious performers.

Undoubtedly, it was all the revelry that attracted the crazed butterflies who have taken over our fair skies, which is surely not one of the signs of the Apocalypse. The fine folks at Kidspace and the Natural History Museum have managed to tame the beasties, so all is not lost.

Speaking of tame beasties, what is sure to be my new favorite exhibit is opening at the California Science Center this weekend. Who's a good museum? Who's a good museum?

Drink some green (root)beer, boo the evil Haman, and sit! speak! beg! (or just keep reading) for our best picks for the weekend....