Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Kites, Female Heroes, and Daylight Savings Fun

Things to do for Los Angeles families
Dana Point Festival of Whales. Photo courtesy of the Ocean Institute

If you do one thing this weekend, let it be this: change your clocks. It's okay to let the microwave be out of sync, and your VCR if you still have one. But make sure to adjust those timepieces that you use to plan your activities, because there's a lot going on this weekend and you're going to want to be on time.

We lose an hour of sleep, but Mommas don't need sleep to think clrbly, am i rtght? And what we gain in return is more hours of daylight to bask in the sunshine (takes two steps outside, comes back in to wring out clothing, hair, any exposed orifices) ....what we gain in return is more hours of our children being awake and needing entertainment.

Luckily we moms are superheroesSheroes you might say. Girl power, mom power, whatevs. Whether it's making a pinterest-worthy birthday cake or an endearingly bad pinterest fail that will get you many likes and LOLs on instagram, there's no one who's got us beat in the awesome category. Even when we're slepp drpveid.

Keep reading for our timeliest picks for this weekend...

Kite Festival: Photo by Marcus Ertl/CC BY 2.0