Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Hanukkah, CicLAvia, and Santa Breakfasts

Celebrate Hanukkah at The Skirball. Photo by Mercie Ghimire courtesy of The Skirball Center
Things to do for Los Angeles Families

Oh Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah, come light the menorah. And another. And another. It's no surprise that a holiday that extends over eight crazy nights has an abundance of menorah lighting festivals. You're going to need a lot of matches, a few LEGO bricks, napkins, and maybe some Dramamine

Christmas-celebrating kids are getting plenty of action of their own this weekend. Since it's, say what now, December, those advent calendars are officially fair game. Plus, we are launching into the month-long lead-up to the big day, starting with more Santa breakfasts than you can shake a stick (or break a leg) at. And tree lightings. Also Christmas trains. And ships. Lotsa Christmas going on out there.

Fear not parents: you're not getting left out in the cold. Besides getting to foot the bill for all of the above (yay!) there is fun to be had this weekend that will definitely appeal to you. No word on whether Santa's putting a new SUV under the tree for you, but a Momma can dream, and maybe test drive a few favored models at the LA Auto Show. You can push the limits of reality at the latest VR experience and pummel your friends and family with pancakes. You can pet a snow leopard... no, scratch that. No snow leopard petting at the Snow Leopard Festival. (Mildly disappointing but all things considered probably for the best.)

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