Weekend Fun for LA Kids: We All Play, Puppet Festival, and Steam Railfest

How can you resist a face like that! Dare to kiss a pig at America's Family Pet Expo. Photo by Keren Lynn Photography
Things to do in Los Angeles this weekend for families

This weekend you're getting a sneak peak, a first look at some of the most cutting edge developments of modern times. First up: ride into the future on steam engines! There's an awesome two day festival, and you can ride trains. Who doesn't love that?

Next up, the future of entertainment comes no strings attached (except when they are): we're talkin' puppetry! The Skirball has 'em all, from marionettes to full body puppets. When the kids have their music on, ever feel like it's a whole other language that you just don't get? Could be it's because they're listening to opera.

And, last but not least, sometimes the new news really is new. That's the case with the Zimmer. The beloved-by-the-under-10-set museum is getting a new home...in a mall... by the ocean. And you can check it out, way before it opens, while enjoying a petting zoo, a Squishie wall, an appearance by Hatchimals, and Donut School. (I'm not sure what all that means, but it sounds awesome.)

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