Weekend Fun for LA Kids: OC Fair, AstroFest, and World Cup Finals

Things to do for families in Los Angeles this weekend
Catch an evening movie at Orange County Great Park. Photo courtesy of City of Irvine

World Cup fans have it easy this weekend. Just two choices (that's France or Croatia for those of you keeping score). Pick a side; you root for one team or you root for the other. There is the question of where you watch the game—more than two choices there—but other than that? Easy peasy.

Everyone else, though, by gosh there are a lot of decisions to make. Do you go to the Orange County Fair?  Is your adventure defined by riding the rails or blasting off into space? How do you choose between a 24th anniversary or a brand new opening? I wouldn't call it an emergency exactly (unless you are fans of the 1970s hit tv show Emergency! in which case you definitely want to go to the latter).

Side with the Greeks. Side with the Trojans. Side with ice cream. (We all scream for ice cream.) You can walk the dinosaur, or walk like an Egyptian, or maybe just go for a walk on the beach. (With books) There are a whole lotta choices, and not one of them is wrong.

Following are some of our best picks for the weekend, the choice is yours....