Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Getty Fest, Lummis Day, Free Surfing, and Jim Henson

Things to do for families in Los Angeles
Nick Gabaldon Day. Photo courtesy of Heal the Bay

If this weekend is any indication, it is going to be one heck of a summer! We've got free things; we've got exciting things; we've got free and exciting things. 

Pasadena is having a birthdayBalboa is having a paradeSoRo is having a community festival (perhaps to draw attention to its cute moniker).Two city yards are having open houses. Museums north and south are having free days with fun festivals.

And the summer series! Summer music has started,  and summer movies, too. (Lots of "in the park" "under the stars" action)

And totally star studded! This weekend alone you can chill with Bert and ErnieSplash and BubblesPeppa Pig, and the Wiggles!

So buckle up and keep reading: this summer is going to be one wild ride!