Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Anime, Mud Mania, World Cup, and More Fireworks

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Get Anime! Photo by Michael Ocampo/Flickr

Wow.  That was fun.  The sis and the boom and the bah, fireworks lighting up the sky every which way. It's our once a year chance to say "Go America!"....want to do it again? Guess what: we've got you covered!  We snuck a couple more red white and booms in our calendar, see if you can spot em.

In fact, this is the weekend of, dare we say it, reliving things past. Reliving historyreliving art (spoiler: it's people!), reliving great plays, and reliving, well, more history.  You can relive some of your favorite movies,  and relive some classic tunes.  You can even watch a little history in the making.

Think the past is yesterday's news?  Then why not make some new memories this weekend!  You can dance up a stormeat to your heart's contentmeet some movie stars, root for the home team , and even brighten someone's day.  (Just warning you though:  things might get a little messy).

Keep reading for the stuff of memories, both new and old!